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Home finances is a usual subject in many homes but not a regular day-to-day discussion.

However, after the pandemic hit in 2020, many homes plunged into financial instability, and it became usual a normal dinner table talk.

Tens of thousands of people lost their jobs in the US alone. Around the world, the statistics estimates go to over tens of millions of people losing their careers in three to four months. But remote working now becoming a norm in itself when called back to work (the ones have not lost their jobs already) would definitely be weighing their options and deciding on a course of action. They could either decide to stay with the company or leave, based on the company working policy. As predicted, The Great Resignation, as it is termed to be, could affect America in a massive manner.

But for now, people turned to online jobs and worked remotely to provide and sustain their homes. Others became casino dealers providing potential players with adverts of free slots to play for fun.

All these happened virtually or through a Livestream, an aspect that gives employment to many. However, people only think of working in casinos.

Content writing and transcription are the only remote jobs.

Some of the Most Straightforward but Quality Small Jobs You Never Thought of Doing

  • Personal Shopper
  • Online Counselling Services
  • Manage Dating Profiles
  • Assist In Unraveling Mysteries and Games
  • Sending Reminders
  • Study Sessions

Personal Shopper

You can receive payment for going shopping on behalf of a client. People who love shopping for new, old, vintage or modern items can now get jobs to precisely do “Shopping”.

There are many individuals out there who would love someone to do their shopping for pay.

It includes the old who require regular and healthy groceries, the disabled or the ill.

Shoppers can do a little shopping for a fee.

First, you get to do something you love, and second, you earn an income.

There are internet platforms that provide these services. Clients sign in and issue potential jobs that you can do from a remote area.

For instance, a talented furniture designer can design and create beautiful furniture pieces in California and deliver them to a client in Arizona or New York.

It all depends on the quality of work, the amount you receive as payment, and the effort put into the task.

However, you have to pay a fee to the website for the connection, and payments go through the site.

Online Counselling Services

People of all ages face many challenges; parents are facing financial difficulties. Parental control is slipping due to kids staying at home for longer than required due to the pandemic.

Kids are suffering due to the close contact policies limiting interactions and staying indoors for longer than expected.

People need an outlet for any suffering, and since you cannot visit a counselor, you need to get advice remotely. You can become a counselor and offer your services online.

The idea has spread far and wide, and you can now become a camp counselor. You can help host campers from all over the world remotely.

The virtual camps idea stems from these services, and the Hello Bello is the new and improved virtual children camp designed by Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

Counselors get to teach, monitor students’ interactions and ensure student productivity, albeit from a remote area.

Manage Dating Profiles

Dating sites are on the rise. A single individual can have more than five dating site accounts in operation at once to increase one’s chances of “Finding Love.”

However, it isn’t easy to create a successful dating profile or manage all of your dating site accounts.

Therefore, online daters require a manager to help run their profiles and find suitable people to date.

Online dating managers can help create your profile for the dating website, create a personal biography, upload photos and manage your offers daily.

You no longer have to worry about opening your account and setting up matches, the manager does it all for you, and you get all essential information fast and efficiently.

Many people find it hard to keep pursuing a dating account for potential dates. People today have no time to socialise and, thus, no time to find dates.

The online profiles simplify the work but only if done right. A dating site account manager knows all the dating sites, can guide you to the best dating website and can help sort through any future proposals depending on your instructions.

You do not have to do anything other than “sit and wait for love.”

Assist In Unraveling Mysteries and Games

Mysteries and puzzles for games always provide an exciting workout for the brain. Puzzle fanatics continue to desire a way out of an adventurous journey through a maze.

Many companies are now generating virtual escape rooms based on the high demand for puzzles and mystery games.

As a result, there is a demand for gaming assistants, hosts or and game masters. You can also become an assistant and help unravel the virtual clues left behind and escape that room.

Jigsaw puzzles are no longer attractive, video games have become common, and people require a brain activity that keeps you on your toes.

People also enjoy playing games that allow them to immerse themselves in a mystical world. Recently, Elder Scrolls Online is something that has caught the attention of so many gamers, specifically now that you can check out this eso assassin build to help with stamina and Magicka.

Yes, that’s right! Games have vastly grown in popularity over time, and the options are unlimited to what you can try.

Casinos offer different games, and it may be interesting enough to play Book Of Ra using your strategy and possibly gain a reward.

However, an individual should satisfy their unique curiosities using brain teasers such as escape rooms.

Become a host, assist players in the rooms or be a game master for any of the escape room game companies, including Enchambered, Puzzle Break, and Know Escape.

Sending Reminders

You may think it is silly with all the available technology that should remind you to take medications, take out the trash or visit your grandmother.

However, some people require constant reminders to remember a chore or a responsibility through a person.

Using mobile phones or setting a schedule or calendar won’t work. It is a need that comes with old age or illness.

Some health and wellness institutions employ personnel whose aim is to remind their patients’ medication hours, assist in providing medications or ensure they send reminders to the patients.

The staff gets ample training on ensuring timely contact with patients as some medications are time-sensitive.

However, the team also gets training on customer care, bedside manners, and dealing with emergencies while working in a remote place.

You can become one of the people aiding the medical fraternity in ensuring continuous health for their patients.

Study Sessions

Those who have suffered in the last year are school going students, especially if taking a significant examination shortly.

If your academics are up to par, can they help students learn for their studies and have great skills in taking tests or examinations?

Well, become a remote tutor. Students in many regions worldwide have to take standardized tests for entry into tertiary education.

Therefore, you can help them take their ACTs or SATs. Online platforms are available that can link you with a potential job source.

However, the Test Prep advisor indicates that trainers must have a 90% in all necessary tests, i.e. 1340 for the SATs and 29 for the ACTs.


There are many remote jobs available on the market that you have never thought of doing.

Not many think of shopping, sending reminders, counselling or managing individual accounts on social media, dating sites or becoming a tutor as a potential source of income.

According to the above article, it is apparent that individuals can make money using these means.

All you have to do is open –up your mind to the possibilities!

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