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Fitness Friday

Set Goals – Stay Focused

Watching the Olympic athletes perform on the world stage is inspiring to most of us; for some it’s enough dose of motivation to start working out. 

Before choosing your fitness regime, the key is to set goals to help stay focused and on track with your program. 

Clarity coach, Chelsea Montgomery shares her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of having a coach to help improve your performance.

The Toronto resident practices what she preaches, saying: “My workouts are typically yoga almost daily, swimming in the summer and (I do) lots of walking. In the winter you can find me on my stationary bike and in between client calls I am always jumping on my mini trampoline in my office to keep the energy moving.” 

She adds, “My morning routine consists of journaling, breakfast and some type of movement (usually walking my dog). I incorporate micro doses of self care throughout my day to prevent burnout and have crafted a schedule that empowers and energizes me.”

She continues to mention “I think like anything the key to maintaining my healthy lifestyle is a commitment to what I want and why I want it with flexibility in how that looks in the day to day. I do not believe in rigidity but empower myself through structure so that I am not having to choose to be healthy, I have set myself up for success so it comes with ease.”

Montgomery further explains the benefits of having a coach to help, saying, “Clarity coaching can help you achieve your fitness goals by confronting the underlying issues as to why you have not achieved those goals, or similar goals, in the past. Coaching is all about habit changing and setting oneself up for success by creating and fostering positive habits that enable you to live the life you want. Fitness goals are deeply personal and as a result we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and expect we should somehow be able to do it alone; this is unrealistic and by working with a coach, it takes the pressure off and can make the process of achieving your goals fun and more attainable.”

Getting enough sleep is another key to starting your day up for success. 

Sleep hygiene is important, as Montgomery says, “Examining one’s sleep hygiene, exposure to blue light, noise and light pollution, type of energy they are going to bed with, is important in decoding what habits can be formed to get a better night’s sleep. What works for one person will not work for others, working with a coach helps tailor an evening routine that is best for you.  Good sleep naturally leads to more clarity as then you are not making decisions from a place of exhaustion or desperation but from your own natural peak state.”

Setting your fitness goals, following a proper program and wearing the right gear and shoes will make your workouts more efficient and help you to stay injury free.

Our Fitness Friday feature is submitted and written by Christine Blanchette so please follow her on Twitter as well as her Run With It Youtube Channel.

Enjoy the weekend and Stay Safe!!


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