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Christine Rutherford – Weight Training Tips For Runners/Walkers

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If you were to ask any accomplished long distance runner what’s the secret to their success, the honest ones will give credit to their weight training program. 

With 5km to go in a marathon, strength and endurance will more often than not make the difference between winning and losing. 

As for the rest of us, resistance training will go a long way toward stronger, leaner, fitter bodies. 

The key to lifelong healthy running is to include weight training as part of the program, along with being properly fueled and hydrated.  

If you are new to weight training it is recommended to start with light weights while keeping proper form to prevent injuries.

Unsure where to receive expert advice? 

Certified personal trainer, lifestyle and health coach, Christine Rutherford has over 25 years experience and is back in this space to provide weight training tips for older adults.

Christine also has competed internationally at multiple World Beauty Fitness and Fashion competitions, finishing 1st in Masters and 4th overall in 2013. 

To underscore the magnitude of what she accomplished, Christine was declared to be the fittest, most sculpted 40-plus woman on earth, with just three others ranking ahead in the overall standings.  

Considering the number of people across the world who take their fitness seriously enough to compete, her results are amazing.

Read on for our Q&A:

Q:  If you are new to weight training what expert advice would you give?

A: It’s never too late to start! Look at it as a new lifestyle change! Ask yourself why you want to make this change? Is it fat loss, shape, health issues or …?  

Look at it as getting healthy first! When the body is healthy it’s in balance and can naturally heal itself, lose fat and many other benefits!

Q:. If you don’t have access to weights what do you suggest?

A:  Just get started! Start with walking for 20 minutes a day and increase from there working towards a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

Look for something that you enjoy that’s physical – could be a special local fitness class, dancing lessons, swimming, biking, hiking? 

Look for a friend, your partner or go on an outing and meet someone – this will keep you motivated at the beginning and make you accountable to be there.  

Q:  What are the benefits?

A: So many good benefits! Good for all aspects ; physical, mental, emotional and spiritually! It will bring all into better balance, give you a better quality of life, lose bad fats, gain health!

Q: When do you see results?

A: Everybody is different but usually when we make positive changes in our life we start to have more positive results which is encouraging to continue making changes!

Q: When should you not weight train?

A:  Weight Training can be for everyone unless your doctor specialist advises you to hold off at the moment. 

It has been shown through many studies that training the muscle can give you better circulation, take pressure off joints, and strength to do what you want. 

It’s been shown that muscle allows your metabolism to burn while at rest .

As we age, our system slows down and we lose muscle slowly if we’re not using it, overloading it properly and consistently, thus why training our muscles 

Is more important as we age equals quality of life!

Listen to your body as it will guide you in not pushing too hard.

Our Fitness Friday weekly feature is submitted and written by Christine Blanchette so please follow her on Twitter as well as her Run With It Youtube Channel.  


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