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Fitness Friday

Christine’s Fitness Vacation

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I recently went home to Richmond, QC, having not done so for the past three years to catch up with family, friends and associates during a working vacation.  

The Eastern Townships is known as the land of the rolling hills, with its pristine countryside and wide open spaces an idyllic setting for staying active.  

A change of scenery can be motivating to keep on track, especially when everything  

I invoked childhood memories of golden hayfields, oak shaded brooks and winding roads. I enjoyed running in pastures and past endless rows of corn fields, which is in stark contrast to the urban trails and roads that I am used to out west.

I felt free from the daily grind and comfort knowing that everything was in its place and not much had changed, if anything, over the years; Just a warm sense of familiarity wherever my gaze happened to take me. 

To soak it in, I went on a power walk outside the hobby farm, finishing up beside the brook that runs through the property. 

Walking along the country roads, even the air had a familiar scent, taking me to another place. 

I was at peace, lost in thought, and only distracted by the odd car that would pass by and a hawk circling overhead in search of its next meal. 

Running past the bulls in my dad’s pasture was a tepid moment, the same feeling I had when I was 13 and walked out to get a closer look. 

The crickets at night are the only sounds to be heard, and even they tone it down later. 

And I’d forgotten how many stars you can count without the haze of the city lights to interfere.

If visiting another part of the city or abroad, do your research, check with the hotel staff as they sometimes have running routes and directions to the best places to workout. 

Try to run with others for safety reasons if you are new to the area.

Working a fitness plan into your trip will help you stay focused on your goal and give you energy to see and do more on your vacation.

Here are my top fitness vacation tips to stay active and healthy:

1. Fitness plan – set aside time each day to work out.  

Be prepared to adjust your workout schedule due to last minute changes to your itinerary. Running early will ensure you get your workout done. 

Explore other activities in your new surroundings.

2. If the unexpected prevents you from doing the one-hour run you had planned, make it a 30-minute run instead, rather than not running at all.

3. Bring enough clothes and dress according to the weather. Bring two pairs of shoes to alternate in case one pair gets wet from sweat.

4. Pack your gear into your carry on.  If your luggage gets lost you will at least have your workout clothes while your claim goes through the process.

5. Routes – know where you are going to run/walk. 

Ask the hotel staff about running routes or gyms. Visit a local running store for information on local running events.

To maintain healthy eating habits, find a grocery store for fruit, yogurt and nuts. Some excellent thirst quenching foods include water melon, honey dew melon and cantaloupe.

By including your fitness regime in your agenda you can stay focused on the many other things you want to see and do.  

You won’t have to worry about not having enough time to do any exercise.

 Better yet, why not plan a destination run where you can see the city on foot and after your event you can relax and recover.

Our Fitness Friday feature is submitted and written by Christine Blanchette so please follow her on Twitter as well as her Run With It Youtube Channel.


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