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Wiivv plans release of first custom fit sandals to the masses this spring

“Not a single footwear company has been able to crack the code on shipping custom  fit footwear made unique to each buyer, at scale. – Wivv Team

Back in June, 2017 when I first wrote about Wiivv, the world’s first custom fit sandal had only recently been unveiled from a Vancouver, BC company.

Wiivv launched the sandal on Kickstarter which is a funding platform for creative projects in May, 2017 and it quickly became the highest funded 3D-printed product ever, according to their latest press release.

Now the innovative and fashionable footwear will be available to the masses this spring.

In a recent email interview, founder Shamil Hargovan shares the latest news about the sandal.

“The Sandals are launching this spring and this is a huge milestone for Wiivv and the footwear industry as a whole,” Hargovan said.  He continued: “The custom fit sandal will be the first piece of custom fit footwear available for the masses, created from a smartphone app. This is huge because while footwear companies release new shoes and sandals every year with promises of better performance, improved comfort and new styles, not a single company has been able to crack the code on shipping custom fit footwear made unique to each buyer, at scale. We’ve already seen some exceptional results with the Wiivv sandals throughout our testing and we can’t wait for the world to try them.”

I asked Hargovan what are the benefits of wearing the sandals?

He explains, “The sandals were created for anyone who wants a safer, more comfortable alternative to traditional flip flops, whether that’s a parent taking their kids to Disneyland, a triathlete looking for a post-race recovery sandal, someone battling plantar fasciitis, or a traveler exploring the beaches of South East Asia.”

He adds, “The custom fit insole and sandal means you’re wearing a piece of footwear designed completely unique to your feet. Every foot differs in length, width, arch height, arch shape and more – but traditional mass-produced footwear is designed for the masses or the average. The insoles offer arch support, digitally mapped to the curves of your foot while the sandals add to custom arch support with custom placed toe thong, and adjustable straps fit to your unique foot volume.”

According to their press release, over three billion pairs of flip flops are produced every year, yet most of those are mass produced using cheap materials, designed with no consideration for the consumer’s comfort or health.

Traditional flip flops are not made to be worn for long periods of time, yet many people do.

Hargovan says, “The sandals offer the support and comfort to make sandals a permanent footwear option. Wiivv customers who have suffered for years from plantar fasciitis have found relief with our insoles. Customers that are on their feet all day, every day are telling us that for the first time they’re going to bed without aching feet.”

Wearing properly fitted sandals is taking another step toward good overall health. Wiivv is spearheading new levels of foot support and comfort in a sandal.


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