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Canucks Leave TSN

photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG

It was a short 11 years ago when 1040 grabbed the Canucks radio rights from long-time radio rights holder CKNW that has been a shared partner with the NHL for three solid decades, if you’re old enough to remember.

John Shorthouse Canucks play-by-play mentioned “I went through this exact same thing in 2006 when I was in Nashville getting ready for a game.

He continued “I got three phone calls all in a span of 15 minutes from CKNW from 1040 and from the Canucks” and his one question was simple – do I still have a job?

In staying with the times and forging ahead, the Vancouver Canucks have made a decision that they hope will be more beneficial for the organization and franchise.

It goes without saying that the Canucks are the hottest ticket in the area, while they are not doing all that hot in league standings.

Thursday March 9th becomes a “day in history” for the Canucks as they have confirmed the five-year deal that will see Sportsnet show/deliver all Canuck games on Rogers radio effective this coming fall.

Canucks Chief Operating Officer Jeff Stipec mentions “The Canucks are grateful to have an exceptional relationship with Sportsnet and this is a way in which they can strengthen a connection to the fans.”

TSN 1040 had been broadcasting Canuck games as well as pre and post game programming for over a decade and we are hearing that the station staff had been reassured contract negotiations were processing in a smooth fashion and would be renewed.

It’s apparently not announced where the games will show on the dial, so that alone makes on think they might be looking at operation another sports station on your dial and let it be known that currently Rogers owns 55 radio stations across Canada.

One has to ask or question if former NHL player Dave Tomlinson and former Trenton Ontario resident John Garrett will be included or not have a contract renewed beyond this season.

In conversation with the public, I am hearing mixed comments with not just the sale, but also the choice of who they might have on-air.

Many are hoping for a change to some that offer more insight into the game!!

Interesting to note that the studio cost $4.5 million and entirely paid for by Rogers which incidentally leases the building the studio on the 10th floor.

The company spent $5.2 billion to secure the NHL rights over 12 years and if you ask the “brass” they’ll say – it’s only money but well spent.

One has to think that Bell, who owns TSN was the loser in this move as they could have (maybe) worked harder to make it happen.

So what’s next and will lay-offs come to any station?