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Technology has had an enormous impact on the way we lead our lives today. However, development has not stopped here, and it is still evolving. An example of this is security cameras, gone are the days of grainy images now alarm companies can have you access your security systems from anywhere with clear video directly to your smartphone. It is more of a revolution than anything else. There are already several types of wearables that ensure that you are leading a healthy and are efficient life. These technologies are currently linked to smartphones in order to function but that may change in the future.

Right now it’s already very cool. You can play free slots no download no registration from the comfort of your own wristwatch or glasses. Sensors in your clothes could tell you if you’re standing in an area with dangerous levels of heat or UV radiation. These are just some developments already on the market, yet a few others are still to be introduced to the masses.

In the sections below, we will discuss what wearable tech is all about, its present scenario, and the future prospects of these wearables. It will paint a clear picture of what you can expect out of the future tech. Without any more delay, let us take a look at them.

What Is Wearable Technology?

These are electronic devices that you can wear or implant in your apparel or body. Such technologies are also known as wearables, which run on microprocessors and have practical uses. These devices utilize the internet to send and receive information. In the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables are among the tops on the list due to their vast and rapidly-increasing acceptance.

Wearable tech applications are now being implemented in various fields, such as fitness, medicine, etc. The significantly growing mobile networks are another reason behind their rapid rise in popularity.

What Is The Current Scenario Of Wearables?

At present, the popularity and usability of wearable technology are gaining momentum. There are several options available for you to choose according to your needs and requirements. These devices also have a wide range of applications. We have listed the different types of wearables below. Let us take a look at them.


These are the most common variety of wearable technology, which are strapped around the users’ wrists. They run on different operating systems based on their manufacturing company but often use the same ones that smartphones do. In fact many smartwatches link to your smartphone and you can use one to control aspects of either device. Smartwatches have primarily been designed to help you efficient in your lives, lead a healthy life, and operate like a phone for your wrist.

Smart Clothing

Wearable technology has passed beyond watches. Intelligent and advanced clothing has also been integrated into the list of wearables. Smart clothing can link to your smartphone to give you feedback about your body or the environment you’re in.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are no longer scenes from a sci-fi Hollywood movie, and they are very much a part of reality. These glasses have cameras in-built, which allow you to take photographs or videos directly from your glasses. These wearables can be linked to your smartphone so that you can share them over social media.

What Does The Future Hold For Wearables?

It is yet unknown what the future will unfold when it comes to wearable technology. Let us take a look at a few of its prospects.

Intelligent Prosthetics

The field of prosthetics is developing, with robotic limbs being a relatively new area of development. This type of wearable technology will allow limbs to be more responsive to brain signals or the nervous system. There are high probabilities that prosthetics responding to its user will become routine.

Dawn Of Exoskeletons

Experts have predicted that exoskeletons, which are already in use by some tech companies, will be an integral part of shaping the future. These wearables have the capacity to make workers perform efficiently and better. This device can be the new norm in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Enhanced e-Commerce Experiences

According to these interesting eCommerce stats, smartphones already have an incredible impact on the way we shop and go about our transactions. Many of us go without any hesitation to our smartphones whenever we are in need of a service or product and because many wearables intergrate with them we can potentially get more better quality reccomendations for products. Imagine smartglasses that can order you a product you’ve seen someone else use, or show an image of a product you’re shopping online for in your space using Augmented Reality. Wearables could potentially change the way we buy forever.

Human Brain-AI Integration

Tech giants and scientists are trying day in and out to get a break-through in wearable technology by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and the human brain. If it is successful, then people with severe brain injuries will be immensely benefited. Even social media giants are developing ways to enhance your experience.

Personalized Wearables

There is no denying that while using wearable technology, it becomes your thing entirely. The future will add more personalized features to wearable technology to function both as a fashion statement and a gadget.

Enhanced Security

With so much of your personal information linked to the wearable technology you use, security becomes one of the major concerns of modern life. Along with developing these devices, processes to enhance the security system and delivering users with the best results are taking place as well.

So, you see, the prospects mentioned above are processes on which research is going on and have high probabilities of turning out successful. Subsequently, wearable technology will become a necessity in most spheres of life, starting from finance to healthcare. It will make your lives a level higher and the world a better place to live in.

Final Thoughts

Although these are only predictions, you can expect a lot more that can happen which you have not yet heard of. You also might have to learn things from scratch altogether. Whatever may be the case, only the future knows what it has in store for us. We hope we have helped you understand what you should watch out for in the years to come in the field of wearable technology.

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