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It great to get information from media members who want not only to promote their sport, but also help it grow.

I recently received this from the BC Rugby, so enjoy the read.

Hello members of the BC rugby media,

It has been a while since we last connected, but I wanted to share some news with you regarding representative rugby matches taking place in the weeks ahead.

As you know, the Vancouver Rugby Union versus Vancouver Island Rugby Union matches at the Senior Women’s level have been incredibly entertaining and played at a very high standard in recent years.

We now are looking forward to seeing yet another classic engagement on May 12, but this time it’s in Victoria.

At present any details are outlined in the attached press release.

Conversely, the organization of regional representative matches on the men’s side has been less consistent.

I’m happy to report that planning is going well for 2018 and we are looking forward to renewing the tradition of the McKechnie Cup (Senior Men) and Dunbar Keg (23 Men) in May.

While several details in terms of venues and start times have yet to be finalized, the Vancouver Rugby Union leadership felt that it was important to publicly get the word out to the rugby community about these competitions, even if the logistics were not as solidified as one might like before going to press.

Overall, I trust that you will find the attached information valuable, and hope that you can help us connect with players and fans across the community by raising awareness about these playing and spectating opportunities through your channels.

I’ll be happy to share additional information about rosters and fixture details as they are finalized.


Brendan Munro, Communications Rep, Vancouver Rugby Union



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