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Rugby Sevens once again hit the world stage at BC Place and to continues to arouse the support with crowds in record numbers year after year.

Vancouver was first granted the inaugural event in 2016 and can best be described as Halloween in March given all the assortment of costumes that are wild beyond belief opening up the imagination of many  Vancouver fans have grown to accept each year.

Vancouver 7’s  kicks off another year that sees sixteen (16) teams with many athletes mentioning that this is one of their favorite Cities on the Rugby 7’s tour.

The tournament includes four (4) groups of teams from various countries that qualify for the annual 7’s International Rugby as well as bringing exceptional athletes to the city of Vancouver.

The fast paced games all with 14 minute halves divided by two 7 minute halfs in various matches all moving up and down the field in scrums.

The 7’s tour comprises of the countries visited and the culture of the sport which has significantly grown in numbers for registered players for sevens rugby in the International Union around the globe.

As for the economy of the City of Vancouver as well as the Province of BC it adds to the economy for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions for the enjoyment of everyone.

As the opening games on day one kicked off at 9 AM between England and Scotland in the first of 24 matches finishing up Sunday evening with the last game at 7 PM.

A full days of exciting games for the sellout crowd had the last game finishing United States taking on South Africa in the evening to conclude day one.

All groups or teams make Sunday’s playoff round on the road to the championship in hopes of raising the 7’s Trophy later Sunday evening.

Canada improved to 2-1 in Group B finishing behind Samoa with a + 40, while Fiji was a + 31 with 2-1 records tied with Canada.  

The 38-7 loss to Samoa given the points difference sits them in third at -9 points scored in their group heading into Sunday’s final, which proved to be their downfall in reaching the Quarter finals that saw both Fiji and Samoa advance.

Canada did advanced to the Challenge Cup Quarter finals in the group joining Wales, Japan, Australia, Kenya, Scotland, Chile, and Spain.

The City embraces this event each year and given the fan support, it’s fair to mention that ALL other teams should pay attention to the marketing and take a page from the play book – just thinking?

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