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Having lived in Delta since 77 I have seen many changes to the entire region, one of which saw Scott Road move from a two-lane road to the current four lanes in order to accommodate the heavy traffic load.

Changes in the landscape to the overall growth from politics to how Delta works it’s daily schedule.

It took a while since the idea was floated about, but we are proud to state that the Corporation of Delta is no longer – but is now known as the City of Delta.

Last evening Delta CAO George Harvie presented a report to Council that outlined the reclassification from the Corporation of Delta to a City of Delta.

Council voted unanimously to pursue the name change at its Jan. 30 regular meeting. The Corporation then undertook a vote to gauge

What new’s – but what does this mean other than having businesses or companies think they were dealing with a Corporation rather than a City of prominence.

Delta residents were asked to fill out an elector response form, but only if they did not support the name change requested.

It’s hard enough to get residents or individual citizens to vote and under assumption that everyone has access to a computer we should remember that there were only 1,506 that submitted valid forms, thus constituting 2.15 % of Delta residents, which is well short of the 10 % or 6993 people, that were needed to block the change.

Responding were 1450 from South Delta and a mere 56 from North Delta and given the assent voters, Delta Council indicated the change May 15 with a unanimous approval from all Council members present.

The delay in the name change was due to the Provincial election may 9th but it wasn’t until September 22nd that the NDP Provincial government approved two orders-in-council.

The first being to officially reclassify the Corporation of Delta as a city under the new name City of Delta.

The second to confirm Delta will retain all additional powers previously held as a district municipality which also means that Delta retains all of its existing bylaws, permits, resolutions, licences and other actions issued, made or passed by council.

The name change for Delta came when the municipality sent a delegation to the World Conference on Cities and Ports in Rotterdam in October 2016.

As expected Delta’s delegation saw issues arise when officials from the host city (as one would expect) assumed the Corporation of Delta was a private business rather than a local government.

It’s reported that $2,200 was spent on advertisements promoting the proposed name change as well as informing residents of Delta know about the process and any additional costs associated with the change are to remain within  projected budget of $5,000.

Ours to preserve by hand and heart – Delta’s Coat of Arms as well as the bulrush brand plus the municipal motto will not change. – “Ours to preserve by hand and heart”

As expected all staff will be updating the social media accounts from (currently) “CorpDelta” to the new and exciting “CityofDeltaBC,” of which we are told there will be no additional costs.

Delta has indicated that there are two Canada 150 events both planned for Sunday December 10th at Ladner Leisure Centre (2 to 4 p.m.) and the other held the Sungod Recreation Centre  taking place from 3 to 5 pm.

Both are in partnership or cooperation with the South Delta MHA and also the North Delta MHA where the admission is free and the public is welcomed – so please attend!!!

Both events are funded through Federal Government Grants.


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