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To take understatement to epic levels, Kathleen Tonnesen is a multi-talented individual, a professional artist and is the author of two (2) new books entitled Two Souls on a Moonbeam Love Poetry & Verse and How to Draw: Step-By-Step Charcoal Portraits for Beginners. 

She is also a poet, inventor and since early childhood, had a passion for painting in addition to staying fit, living a healthy lifestyle, which includes Martial Arts and long walks.

In a Q&A recently; Christine asked the Vancouverite to share her passion for the arts and how she balances a healthy lifestyle.

Q:  How do you maintain your stamina and what is your favorite dish?

A: I have a lot of natural energy. I walk for two hours a day along the ocean seawall and that helps to keep me refreshed and my favourite dish is fresh fruit, ambrosia apples, vegetables and fresh wild Salmon.

Q: Tell us what was the process to become known internationally?

A: It took many years of hard work, producing new artworks, and continual business networking; seeking out new commission opportunities; and building relationships with individual collectors. This is an ongoing process even today.

Q: How would you describe your art and what do you want people to get from your work?

A: I would have to answer with my poem and my goal:


“I wish I could reach inside of you, touch upon your hidden hurts, release them like the Dove of Peace and help you walk anew” – Kathleen Katon Tonnesen 2001.

This is the maxim by which I live and subsequently permeates all that I create. 

By the very nature of our birth, we will all face our death – what matters most, is that we truly “Live” in between. 

To live is to experience the highest potential of our physical being; to plunge the depths and heights of our emotional being; to challenge and expand our intellectual capabilities and curiosities; to harness the energy of the metaphysical, collaborating with like-minds, beyond mind – energy to energy, thought to manifested creation. 

Artists are their own best therapists, at no time can we deny what’s going on inside, no matter how ceramic the mask for social gatherings; when heart and medium meet, our soul stares back revealing our truth. In the process of creating, we process our healing. 

The visual language of art is my playground of expression.

Goal – My ultimate goal is to conduct research on the possible effects to be found within brain circuitry, as a direct result of learning drawing skills. 

This, with the intention of gaining statistical data, in support of my argument pertaining to the educational benefits of including visual fine art instruction in school curriculums.

Q:  What is next for you and where can people check out your work?

A: Personally, practicing Braille, due to my eyesight challenge; completing my Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (Major) through Thompson Rivers University BC.; learning to play the guitar; to do more song writing, and to achieve my black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido. Professionally, to keep creating and writing!

Q: Do you have a favourite piece and what is some of your latest artwork?

A: All my creations are my new babies, my necessary expressions so, no I do not have a favourite. 

They own me until they are born, and then the relationship is between the artwork and the viewer, which offers another perspective, which is new and mystical to witness.

Most often my artwork comes with a poem, and Seawall Ascension is in part, an expression of gratitude for the natural environment of Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, where I live. 

The painting prompts questions, pertaining to differing perspectives on the meanings of spiritual and real life success attainments – what is life all about anyway?  

Seawall Ascension

  • One step, two steps, breathe – repeat.
  • Runners, boots, flip-flops, naked soles;
  • Bike wheels, skateboard wheels, stroller wheels;
  • Roller Blades; old smiles, young smiles,
  • Baby smiles –
  • Seawall meditation traffic.
  • One step, two steps, breathe – repeat.
  • Ocean calling card, salted tidal gifts;
  • Shell, rock, driftwood
  • Temporary patterns of sand.
  • One step, two steps, breathe – repeat.
  • Flanked wet and dry; blue, green;
  • Laughter, contemplation
  • Winding seawall, midwives new thought.
  • One step, two steps, breathe – repeat.

Thanks To Christine Blanchette for our weekly Fitness Friday Features and wishes you and your Family all the best in 2020

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