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Learning how to negotiate with others can be a challenge that can negatively affect your overall health. 

A book on how to deal with family dynamics during stressful times can be the difference-maker in how to successfully negotiate and get back on track.

Peter D. Johnston – “bestselling author and international negotiator – has crafted a thought-provoking thriller that immerses us in one of history’s most pivotal moments during the Second World War,” in Weapons of Peace. 

The above quote is from the Weapons of Peace website.

Johnston, also the author of international bestseller, Negotiating with Giants, actually teaches the art of negotiation through Weapons of Peace, a fictional novel which took about seven years to complete and is based on the Nazi’s quest to beat the Allies to the Atomic bomb, while in the story-line Johnston serves up his own negotiation expertise that can be applied in everyday life.

Weapons of Peace could be the perfect Christmas gift for someone needing to deal with building healthy relationships.

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Negotiating is the key to keeping the peace during the festive season and in a Q&A, Johnston shares how he maintains his stamina while on the road while expounding on how we can have healthy relationships by learning how to negotiate.

Despite being heavily immersed in negotiations with high profile clients, teaching, speaking engagements, and writing, Johnston still finds the time to workout.

Q: How do you maintain your stamina with the amount of traveling you do?

A: I spin and do Bikram Yoga which I think is really important for keeping balanced and reflective. You have to stay healthy because there is a lot of pressure.

Q: How do you deal with family negotiations?

A: What is your goal in having this conversation, do you think you are going to change their mind? 

Asking the why questions, why do you feel that way? From that learning and the fact that you listened, that person will feel respected and your relationship is enhanced because of that listening process. 

Aim for common ground between the two of you. 

Don’t judge it because this shuts down the conversation.  

Q: What are some Influence strategies that can be used in daily life to help all of us live better lives?  

A: The big picture I would say one, is the awareness. Anytime you are trying to influence someone, you are negotiating. 

First off, it is awareness of how much we do this, whether we are good at it or not. And secondly, the common assumption is negotiations are done face to face. 

In truth, most of the power and most effective negotiators is everything we do is away from the table.  Most agreements are done away from the table.

Q: Who is the book for?

A: Whether you are a novice or an advanced negotiator, as word gets out this should be a joy for people one way or another.

I am enjoying the book for its history and for its romantic twist between the characters, the nurse Emma and the negotiator 

Everett and within the plot are worthy negotiation strategies to use in everyday life. 

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