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Improving body and mind through working out takes dedication and time.

It takes commitment to get yourself in gear, speaking rhetorically and literally.

The running boom has spawned a multi-billion dollar shoe industry, whose experts will help you achieve your goals in comfort.

Our feet are taken care of but what about our eyes?

This is what Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses can do for your vision.

Having your eyes feeling uncomfortable during a workout will steal your focus and drain your energy.

With high quality contacts lenses you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Conversely, your focus at work or school will diminish if your eyes become dry from wearing contacts longer than normal, with no solution in sight (pun intended).

From a sunset walk along the beach to having coffee with friends, to getting away for the weekend, there is much in life we take for granted.

You end up foregoing it all if you are battling a constant irritation of your eyes.

You may learn to cope, however, without regular eye exams which detect the onset of disease, as well as making you aware of the best eye care available, your eye health could be at risk. Eye care is needed for all, something could escalate if not properly looked at by a professional, that is why researching the necessary resources is the first step. The optometrist may be part of PECAA or another association, this is something to look out for when deciding on where to go. You want the best.

There is a solution for the every-day contact wearer.

ALCON®DAILIES® are daily disposable lenses offering sharper vision.

They are the world’s first water gradient contact lens, meaning they’re designed to offer more comfort and breathability for longer.

They provide more than three hours of additional comfortable wear time per day, compared to their regular lenses.

Taking control of your vision will improve your confidence in everything you do and you’ll never have to quit a long run because a lens had become uncomfortable.

Athletes will apply the latest information on supplements, diet, and training methods to give themselves an edge. It’s just as important to get proper vision care, which could be a difference-maker. When you are silently suffering from conditions like keratoconus, you might experience glare, blurred vision, seeing halos, and streaking of lights, which can severely affect your athletic life. Fortunately, there are ways to treat such conditions (keratoconus surgery in this case) before they get worse.

Are your eyes ‘performance ready’? It’s never too late to have an eye exam. It is Vision Health month in May, which is a national campaign to bring awareness to Canadians to get regular eye check ups.

According to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, (CNIB) seventy-five per cent of vision loss can be prevented or treated.

Preventive measures and early detection of eye disease significantly lowers your risk of vision loss.

Keep your eyes healthy by getting a regular eye exam, eating healthy and exercising.

You can protect your eyes from ultraviolet damage by wearing sunglasses at work or at play.

Learn about some eye conditions such as presbyopia, which is a common eye condition that often occurs around age 40 due to a gradual loss of the eye’s ability to focus on close objects, affecting nearly 1.7 billion people worldwide – a number expected to increase to 2.1 billion in the next five years.

Alcon Multifocal lenses can treat presbyopia. There will be no squinting to read the menu or blurred vision while looking at your fitness gadget. If you find yourself having blurred vision, you might want to check out somewhere like Felix Gray or visit your local eye doctors.

Accepting less than perfect vision is no longer necessary with the advanced eye care that is available.

Seeing the world up close and personal is now possible. Please visit your eye care practitioner for further information.

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