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Another Mother’s Day is about to be doused with a bucket of cold water thanks to a pandemic which many believed would be long over by now. 

But if you can imagine yourself with mom on a tropical beach under a blazing sun, that bucket of cold water would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it?

Let positive thinking guide you on Mother’s Day, whether in person if you can, or virtually via Zoom. 

Since the pandemic, Zoom has been very popular families and friends that have no other way to see each other. 

My mom passed almost five years ago and some of my fondest memories were just connecting over the phone. 

We’d make it our tea time together despite living thousands of kilometers apart.

Zoom came along too late for my mom and me to take advantage, though it certainly would have enhanced our electronic get-together’s.

These days, Zoom calls are a pretty good pandemic-oriented consolation prize, especially when compared to not being able to communicate at all. 

You can get the whole family on a Zoom call on Mother’s Day or have a virtual bake off with just the two of you. 

There’s a little more to the funny stories being told when you can see each other’s facial expressions. 

You can go through photos, listen to tunes or play the guitar for your mom, if you can. The smile on your face will make your mom happy, trust me.

Dr. Theresa Nicassio, registered psychologist lists ideas below that can make the day memorable for both you and your mom.

She says, “One idea is arranging for a watch party with mom on one of the online streaming platforms.”

Her other ideas:

Arrange a surprise Face-time call with several people who mom loves.

Write on separate little heart pieces of paper or card stock board things that you appreciate most about your mom and put it in a jar or other special treasure box and send to her.

There are also online games you can play together, like Scrabble or card games.

Even something as simple as arranging to cook together via Zoom a favourite dish or meal that your mom taught you to make, and then sharing and enjoying the meal together would be a lot of fun.

Another idea would be to Face-Time with mom an adventure in your area that you know your mom would love and let her know how excited you are to share it with her when the two of you are again able to see each other, would be wonderful and connecting in itself, but also would be a great way to cultivate hope.

Many older people have missed the closeness of extended family get-together’s for well into a second year. 

Meanwhile, the world is spinning as fast as ever for everyone else trying to work and be safe while we wait our turn to get fully vaccinated. 

On Sunday take a moment to get connected with your mom, who sacrificed for you and put you on the right path in life. I wish all of you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Our Fitness Friday features are submitted by Christine Blanchette whom you can follow on Twitter as well as her Youtube Channel.

On behalf of Christine and our Sportswave crew – HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

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