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Young Girls Drive The Program – Part 2

Photo Credit Wes Shaw Shotbugpress

Sunday kick’s off with an early start again for the volunteers who began arriving shortly after six in preparation for the day’s events.

Different from the golfers who never made the cut, the volunteers are the ones who keep the event running smooth and on time.

The media tent was ready, the greens were manicured , the sand traps were reshaped and the sunscreen was prevalent as was the bug spray.

To the frustration of some Brooke Henderson was starting the day with a T-time of 11:35 in group 18 paired with Alexa  Pano.

There is no doubt that Sunday would see young up and coming golfers following every move Brooke makes on each hole and watching her walk the fairways there is no doubt who everyone came to watch.

One addition to our story about the hockey rink it was interesting to know that the Zamboni is on loan from the City of Vancouver as well as having the Canucks Mascot here interacting with the youngsters on the 17th.

Sunday saw the sun come out as did the spectators and by mid morning the course was packed knowing several of the players by name cheering them on throughout the day.

The other area that stood out was when they mentioned about how the golfers were being billitted by local families

It was mentioned that some families are hosting one player and a caddie while other families are hosting three which depends on what they can offer.

In conversation with one family they mentioned that they are learning lots from the player while the player is learning a lot about not only the family but also the Canadian lifestyle.

The players have missed the Canadian hospitality as well as the International crowd feel comfortable in Canada and in particular Vancouver.

Canada is known as one of the more friendly countries in the golf world in part due to our friendly and accommodating nature and allowing the golfers to be bellitted is their home away from home.

The interaction between both the kids and the golfers continues to impress me and for some of the billet families who have young families that are involved in golf this can be more exciting than a trip to Disneyland.

Photo Credit Wes Shaw Shotbugpress

Players who are quite often stay in touch with the family which is unique for everyone regardless of who the player is.

The conversation got around to what Brooke brings to the event and with a quick response Leanne mentioned “she brings the crowd and you\ll see it throughout the day as she has that Brooke magic which seems to attract everyone.”

Brooke mentioned that this was one of her first ever PGA events she competed in and winning in 2018 was a huge event and looks forward to playing in BC.

Bringing this to Shaughnessy is huge and it’s been a long three-year wait and seemed to disappear from public view but Golf Canada wrapped it up bringing it back to BC.

Golf Canada and the LPGA have strict rules in place as to how each event has to work with the Doctors on site and with UBC close by it makes it much easier for everyone.

For those who  are volunteering age means nothing as some of the youngest on the T-box range from 6 to 10 with the oldest volunteers in their late 80s and loving every minute of the day.

It was interesting to note that some of the volunteers have signed on for three years with others traveling from as far away as Calgary and have been involved for years.

Next year the event moves east to Calgary and will be held at the Earl Grey Golf Club  being played from July 22nd to the 28th

Earlier this year Golf Canada held a golf day in Calgary that focused on Equidity, Inclusion and Diversion to help get women’s golf moving forward earlier in the week working with the Musqueam being a major player and partner.

Given the cost of everything in today’s world and the prices continuing to go up and up, golf on the other hand is family-affordable that allows you to start the youngsters off on the first “T” program.

Having the junior starters out on the course they mention that it’s  a life changing experience to meet the pros and they will continue with this program.

If you talk with some of the pros they mention about the first PGA players they met when they were about six or seven with their parents they met Brooke or Morgan which has stayed with them over the years.

Photo Credit

I thanked both Leanne and Diana for their time and appreciated their honesty with any and all questions I asked.

Say what you will – volunteers made this a success for everyone.

Thanks to the CPKC and Golf Canada for their assistance during our time at Shaughnessy.


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