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With the return of sports throughout the Province one can only assume that the province are still uncertain about the return regarding numbers allowed in each building from Delta to Golden.

It’s fair to mention that each city, town or municipality are working to their own mandate with the number of fans allowed in the facility.

Such is the case as we did a webcast for the Delta Islanders in the BCJALL this past weekend with a sizable crowd of over 300 in the building given the fact that this was the first sporting event we have been permitted to cover in the past 16 months.

So – given the size of the crowd in Delta you would assume that other arenas would follow suit, but such isn’t the case.

One questions the  logic with this and after a phone conversation or call I made to ViaSport it appears that each facility is own their own and permitted to set their own limit(s) for those allowed in the buildings.

Some are allowing up to 50% of the total capacity in the facility; while others are allowing ZERO, which to teams, leagues and parents of the players nothing makes sense.

So while Delta allowed an impressive number when the Delta Islanders hit the floor to play Langley, no fans were allowed in the building.

True they do have a small roof camera with no play by play audio which is the same as other arena’s, but it’s not the same as “real” fans cheering their son and/or daughter.

We do however find it interesting that over the 16 month span we were on Covid-19 lockdown that we continued to hear how the staff were busy cleaning so as to make each facility clean and safe.

Interesting concept, but it seems that the message passed out somewhere got lost in the translation to the workers.

Not to jump on all those working at different facilities as some have done a remarkable job adhering to the orders, but others not so much.

Not to be picky, but some I have spoken with are questioning the work ethic of each community and are asking “does management actually check or follow-up?

While sports are slowly returning throughout the province it’s hoped that someone can get a handle on when fans are actually allowed in each building throughout the province and make a clear cut decision.

Possibly an understanding can be reached sooner than later – Christmas isn’t that far off and I know what my with is!!!

A full return with a full building of families and friends.


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