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Interesting Times For BC Ball Hockey!!

Photo Credit Darcy McNeil

We all get involved in sports for a variety of reasons but regardless it’s something that we all gravitate to in hopes of having the Association and/or organization operate within the rules and regulations that are put in place.

This isn’t always the case and as we all know often (but not always) those in charge get on what many refer to as a “power trip” thinking they can do no wrong.

I received the following a short while ago for someone who will remain nameless and they wanted to share what is happening in the Province within Ball Hockey and remember that there are always two sides to every story.

But I am hearing that this has reached the top level with the Canadian Ball Hockey Association.

You should know that I did reach out via text to the BC Ball Hockey Association President Mike Schweighardt but have yet to get a reply also noting that the e-mail listed on the site does not work.

I am however waiting for a reply so I can share the comments of the BC Ball Hockey Association.

This is only part one and part two will be posted up tomorrow.

A few months ago I learned that groups across the province were independently forming to fight corruption in BC ball Hockey.

Everyone in the community has heard rumblings about this for decades, seemingly. But no one wanted to jeopardize their chance to play provincially, nationally, and internationally. 

Last week that changed forever.


I’ve spent over two months diligently researching the BC SOCITIES ACT, the BC Ball Hockey Association (BCBHA), BCBHA bylaws, BCBHA constitution, BCBHA Minutes, emails, lawyers, CFOs, coaches, players, admin…  It’s crazy.

Here’s a few tidbits that I discovered:

DID YOU KNOW BC is considered by many to be the most corrupt province for ball hockey in all of Canada?

DID YOU KNOW that THREE of the FOUR largest adult leagues in the province want nothing to do with the BCBHA?

DID YOU KNOW that there are serious people that want this sport to be played in universities and colleges, complete with scholarships, but they wont consider doing that because of the perceived corruption in the sport?

DID YOU KNOW that people around the world want to make this an Olympic Sport, but the kinds of people in position to champion this are being bogged down by the kind of drama and conflict that comes with the corruption in BC?

DID YOU KNOW that there are people connected with EA SPORTS and the NHL that have laid the groundwork for Ball Hockey partnerships, but they refuse to promote the sport with these companies because of the corruption in BC Ball hockey?

DID YOU KNOW that Native communities receive no support for their ball hockey activities from the BCBHA?

One chief has personally told me that they have felt ignored for as long as he can remember, and thus want nothing to do with them.

DID YOU KNOW Youth Ball hockey comprises upwards of %60ish percent of big floor ball hockey players in BC, but at the last BCBHA annual general meeting Youth Ball hockey only received ONE of EIGHTEEN total votes?

DID YOU KNOW Only TWO people at the last AGM illegally controlled 11/18 total votes? (BC Societies act democratically dictates the mantra ONE PERSON ONE VOTE).

DID YOU KNOW Ball hockey is no longer an official sport in BC according to VIA SPORT and SPORT BC? That finished happening just last month.

And unfortunately, the list goes on and on – Part 2 tomorrow STAY TUNED!!


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