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How much Canadians spent on Halloween holidays?

Everything has its own start. Halloween is one of the greatest holidays celebrated as All Saints Day.


The pre-Christian era is so far from ours, but it was there that we found the beginning of this wonderful holiday.

On the territory of European states: England, Northern France and Ireland, Celtic tribes lived in that era. 

According to a legend that has come down to us, this nation divided the entire annual cycle into two parts: summer and winter. 

The last day of October (31st) was considered the official end of summer and the year. 

The harvest was collected, everything was prepared for winter, which began the next day, i.e., November 1st. The following year began with this date.

It was so long ago (more than ten centuries ago), but in our life this holiday also has a place to be, to please and surprise the inhabitants of Europe, including Ukraine and Russia.

It is a special event in the life of Canadians as well.


Canadians owe this holiday to the indigenous people of Ireland and Scotland. The holiday has taken root in this country and today has become as popular as Christmas.

The grandiosity of Halloween celebrations is demonstrated by nationwide noisy costumed festivities. 

The ubiquitous and colorful fireworks are simply amazing. Both old and young take to the streets. Everyone, without exception, is rejoicing and having fun.

All Saints’ Day is also notable for the fact that Canadians begin to prepare for this holiday in advance. 


A grandiose holiday, so that it was interesting and impressive, requires a lot of spending from Canadians during the preparation. 

To observe the entire celebration ceremony, you need to sew or buy special costumes. 

Everyone is in costume this night. Someone for a while became a bat, an angel, a terrible monster with two heads, a witch, etc. 

Everything is bright, unusual and memorable, like in one of animal slot machines offered today in SuperBoss online casino. 

In addition to preparing for a costumed, organized or spontaneous performance, residents of Canada buy a lot of sweets, gifts, souvenirs in advance and decorate their homes and the surrounding area.


The kids from the very early morning of October 31 put on fancy costumes and go for sweets. Every Canadian is happy to treat children with various goodies stored for the future. There is no limit to the joy of children!

Canadians give each other everything they bought in advance. Again, the impressions of the Halloween celebration will remain unforgettable.

Each holiday has its own attribute: a Christmas tree – in the New Year, flowers for women on the International Women’s Day on March 8. On Halloween, such a symbol is an ordinary pumpkin (Jack’s lamp). 

Pumpkins are decorated for houses, schools, shops, and other public places. And these pumpkins in the hands of a person turns into intricate faces with burning eyes and horns. 

Even competitions are held on the subject of the most unusual faces. As dusk falls, pumpkin heads begin to burn everywhere. 

As a Halloween decoration, Canadians hang artfully made spider webs everywhere. Spiders are everywhere as well: on glassware, walls of houses. Bats of “own production” do not hang upside down anywhere.

Balloons turn into intricate ghosts with the help of gauze and paints.

Another feature of the holiday: fear and death are ridiculed on this day. Therefore, people dress up in fancy costumes of all evil spirits and, moreover, actively have fun and laugh. 

A fabulous atmosphere and the mystery of the ghost world are provided.

Of course, a lot of money is spent on preparing and holding Halloween, but this tradition is revered and much appreciated in Canada. 


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