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Dealing with the loss of a loved one recently lingers on and this was impacted by the loss of my  young Stepdaughter and my Wife’s Daughter and everyone has their own unique way in which to handle situations such as this – but it’s not as easy as some might think.

It’s hard for others to comprehend how you deal with your loss, but in most cases it goes far beyond what you could ever imagine. 

It appears that things that have happened in the past and have seemed to fester to the forefront, causing nothing but MAJOR problems.

It’s in times like these that the Families must remain strong and united working through this troubled time so the Family stays together, rather than drift apart. Everyone has a busy life and all marriages are not perfect!

In recent conversations some have mentioned that it’s easy to deal with; but they are clearly not in your shoes and have no idea of how it is affecting how you should handle your loss.

Grief has impacted my personal life for several years, but being realistic it’s all been kept inside so as not to bother anyone with what they might not want to hear about and realistically speaking why would they want to listen to my issues?

Being involved in sports and the community is something that I have been blessed to do and it has opened multiple doors for me and my Family.

There is no question that my personal life has taken time away from some situations that just maybe I should have been at. 

While I was not there it wasn’t that my wife and Family were not in my thoughts or lessen the time spent talking about my Family building them up mentioning how proud I was of them.

This is something that I am personally dealing with – the unknown for something that I never ever did.

I truly hope that no one else has to deal with a scenario such as I am dealing with and all I can hope for is to get this issue resolved and get back to a somewhat normal life between my wife and myself.

I truly love my wife more than she will ever know!!

Thanks for listening to me rant, but in times like this it’s hard to find someone to talk to.

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