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Canadian Ninja League Champion’s Crowned

In working to keep up with the various sporting events in the Lower Mainland we received the following press release on the event over the weekend.

The event saw Canadian Ninja League Champions crowned as the first-ever in-person National Finals that were held at Langley Events Centre.

Thanks to the LEC for the press release as well as the photo’s sent from Gary

Two hundred and 45 competitors – as young as six years old up and all the way to adult professional divisions – from four different provinces battled for not only national bragging rights, but also for coveted berths to the 2023 World Ninja League Championships set for Greensboro, North Carolina.

This is the third year for the Canadian Ninja League, but the first time they have hosted a full national championships, and Ryan Chow was thrilled with the weekend.

“What a fantastic weekend this was,” said Chow, the co-founder of the CNL alongside his brother Michael. “This is a massive steppingstone for our sport, and we are looking to grow this even more.”

There were three different rigs for the competitors, each specially-designed for the different age groups and genders.

“Every single time you host an event, the kids surprise you. You put these meticulously hard challenges in front of them and parents tell you they are not even possible, but time after time, the kids come out and prove everybody wrong,” Chow said.

The weekend would not have been possible, however, without the massive number of volunteers.

“It takes a village to do something like this,” he said of the swarm of volunteers, which exceeded more than 100.

RESULTS (Age group: First, second and third place)

6-8 Girls: Claire Norris, Emily Toye, Ava Sihota

6-8 Boys: Salem Steele, Thomas Pridham, Bradyn Kingma

9-10 Girls: Melody O’Brien, Kallee Elliott, Kenzi Gobhai-Rayner

9-10 Boys: Hunter Buesink, Jackson Rycroft, Zaiden Laurie

11-12 Girls: Maelle DePape, Lily Brown-John, Braylynn Mandich-Sinasac

11-12 Boys: Oliver Ashley, Jaxson Ross, Tanner Eidt

13-14 Girls: Nora Brown-John, Talya Francis, Maara Bryson

13-14 Boys: Owen Mitchelson, Rory Jago, Aidan Thomas

15-17 Girls: Nia Cherdarchuk, Emma Vaartstra, Sameera Moffatt

15-17 Boys: Zach Toussaint, Spencer O’Brien, Drew Klein

Amateur Women: Cassie Peake, Rylee Danchuk-Little, Alison Ropp

Amateur Men: Jeremy Johnson, Tyler Hamilton, Jacob Ariss

Masters Women: Sharon Brown-John, Alma Chan, Monica Micek

Masters Men: Tchad Toussaint, Lucas Rycroft, Dennis Magtoto

Pro Women: Brynn Friesen, Summer Dirckx, Meaghan Straathof

Pro Men: Stephen Ling, Sylas Snider, Kody O’Brien

For full results, click here.


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