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BCHL Officiating Staff For Upcoming Season

Photo Submitted by BCHL

So the long and winding road that some officials were forced to take has finally reached the finish line with today’s official release from the BC Hockey League. 

There is no question that this forced some officials to ponder their career and from what I have been told by some it was the politics in the game that forced them to make their decision.

In saying that they felt that if they questioned a report from an off-ice supervisor that they would be put on the “naughty list” and never have any chance of advancement without mentioning any names.

I am hearing that the PJHL currently Junior B and hopefully will elevate to Junior A status in the province will be utilizing a four person crew, which is long overdue.

In a recent conversation they questioned why you have to get carded if you are only helping with evaluations and supervising and are not an on-ice official, but requiring a background check is much different.

If you have to pay and are a volunteer what other organization required makes this mandatory cause I am darn sure that the Women’s Fast Pitch at Softball City doesn’t require volunteers to pay, mind you they are not supervising.

This level of hockey is far from what it was called, namely Jungle B especially the talent it continues to produce with many players in the past going to the BCHL which was used as a training ground.

Locally the PJHL was never really affiliated with the league, nor were the teams directly affiliated with any club although many questioned the Langley Rivermen and the Langley Trappers .

While it will cost the team additional money in the end it will be worth it has announced its officiating staff for the 2023-24 season.

With the officials working the BCHL and apparently known as the “outlaw league” one has to question what the difference is between working the BCHL and other leagues such as the JPHL based in Edmonton.

This league has taken a proactive approach regarding the officials used which utilized a four person system traveling them around and giving each official their own sweater.

Eventually everyone has to get on the same page and realize that again politics is only hurting the game and those with an ego have to check this at the door, but that’ll never happen.

The saga continues and being real, let’s look at the crew that Brad has assembled to work, train and develop officials to move on to a much higher level of the game.

I know that some might mention that if these following leave the program it’s not a loss, but you are so far off-side cause we currently have a shortage with some asking “this is the way you treat you officials.”

Enjoy the read from the BCHL regarding those selected.

The BC Hockey League announced today that current NHL referee Kelly Sutherland, former NHL officials Shane Heyer and Jay Sharrers, as well as Big Ten (NCAA) Coordinator of Officials Steve Piotrowski have signed on as development coaches and mentors for the BCHL’s Officiating Program in 2023-24.

The group will work directly with BCHL officials, either attending games or watching video, to help them reach their development potential.

This year’s staff will consist of five officiating managers, 26 referees and 24 linespeople.

This is in addition to the four officiating development coaches and mentors announced last week.

The officiating staff was selected by BCHL Vice President of Hockey Operations Brad Lazarowich, who has been with the league since 2012 and previously was an NHL official for 30 years.

The staff was selected from a group of over 90 officials who submitted an application to work for the BCHL.

“We are proud to announce our staff of officials today for the upcoming season,” said Lazarowich. “We were overwhelmed with the number of applicants, which goes to show the desire for officials to work in our league has never been higher. We look forward to dropping the puck in September with this group of officials and, working alongside our development coaches and mentors, helping them reach their highest potential.”

Officiating Managers

Lorne Craig,   Jeff Eden,   Mike Page,  Carl Poole,   Devon Sephton


Shane Alyward, Adam Barish, Johnny Bennett, Ryan Blake, Steve Brown, Brady Casparie 

Evan Dahl, Ryan Devries, Andre Gagnon, Cody Hall, Mateen Hessami , Owen Lohmeier 

Jim Maniago, Chase McKay, Evan McKinnon, Kirin Moorman, Daniel Olfert, Jamie Pavia, Eric Ruschin, Thomas Spencer, Bronson Tazalaar, Ben Thast, Grant Tyson, ,Tyler Watson 

Bobby Williamson, Jordan Wood, 


Matt Caillet, Marko Casavant, Guy Chapdelaine
Josh Chernoff, Rob Connelly, Chase Eising, Braiden Epp, Brad Ewing, Dave Flanagan, Colleen Geddes, Calem Geddes, George Hogarth, Anthony Leardo, Justin Lucoe, Isaac McDonald, Brody Nelson, Jack Oakley, Liam Reid, Elliot Seigried, Aiden Small, Jake Townsend, Wyatt Trent, Matt Williams, Christian Yip


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