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Message From BC Hockey

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In keeping with the updates from various sporting groups, organizations and individuals we wanted to share the following with you we received from BC Hockey.

Enjoy the read!

For many families, hockey has come to an end for this season. For others, it continues, with camps and spring ice times and maybe even spring or summer leagues. 

Either way, this is the time of transition for our game, on and off the ice.

Most of our participants in B.C. and Yukon – about 60,000 of us if you count players, officials, coaches, staffers, and volunteers of all kinds – enjoy our game as part of a local Minor Hockey Association. 

Others hit the ice in academy or school programs, or in “Zone” or Junior leagues. Wherever you find yourself in our membership, it’s a fine time of year to reflect on the season past, and on what lies ahead. 

If you haven’t already, consider thanking those who helped make your hockey experience interesting and fun. 

Leave some room for some gratitude for those who serve on MHA or District Boards – volunteers – all, who give so much of their time and (in many cases) have just saddled-up to serve again. 

So, how is hockey doing these days? Well, pretty good. Registration is up across the board, with the growth of female hockey leading the way again. 

We saw record numbers of new coaches and officials as well. Are there challenges? Absolutely. 

As time marches on, the world always seems to change in ways that we could have scarcely imagined 10 or 20 years ago, and hockey (and the delivery of our game) has no immunity to this, nor should it. 

Let’s face it, we have been delivering our game under a system dating back (for BC Hockey) to 1919, part of a national body with a vast array of Bylaws, Regulations, Policies and Rules. 

Yes, the adaptation process is continuous, and we all work hard to focus on pleasing everyone in our game, but the wishes and expectations of athletes and families can change even faster. 

The fact that some athletes or families (or even entire teams and leagues) question the value of being a member of BC Hockey or Hockey Canada ought to inspire all of us to better understand why that is so. 

After all, although we don’t own the game of hockey, we do believe that our structure for delivering the game in a safe, fun, and values-driven way (under the Hockey Canada umbrella) is by far the best way. 

So, even a small percentage of those playing our game seeing it otherwise behooves us to ask why, and to seek to understand if there are any steps we can take to address these sentiments.

This brings me to why we are so excited about this summer, and about the AGM and Congress just ahead in Penticton. 

We have a terrific keynote speaker lined up, some exceptional people from Hockey Canada coming to present at sessions, and some important 

Resolutions on the docket that are aimed at making us an even better example of excellence in sport governance. 

Plus, times of challenge and change are often the most interesting, at least for me.

We know, for instance, that our membership will again participate in a robust example of democracy in action, with 11 highly qualified candidates (thanks to the hard work of the Nominations Committee), seeking to fill Board seats. 

With the departure of some existing Directors, we know that at least 1/3 of the BC Hockey Board will consist of brand-new faces after June 8th. 

Yes, fresh perspectives and new ideas are as important as ever, but the timing could also not be better for the stable influence of those who are returning as Directors, to lead the strategic effort as we navigate forward. 

Delivering our game in alignment with our mission and values requires good people and hard work, and I’m grateful for a Board that lives these words. 

Anyhow, political things aside, I also look forward to Congress for a lot of other reasons – from the seminars to the social gatherings, to the awards night, and to just having a cold one or two to talk hockey with those who attend. I can hardly wait.

Our theme for this summer at BC Hockey is to celebrate “The Hockey Life,” whatever that means to you. 

Our game is just that – a game – and participation should be a positive addition to the busy lives of all who choose hockey to be a part of it. 

Families put their trust in local associations, BC Hockey, and Hockey Canada to make that happen. As always, we’re up for the challenge.  

See you at the rink, Cameron Hope


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