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While the teams take to the field the stands are full with 7,500 front line workers playing in front of the team making history being the first ever to play in a Superbowl on their home field in the city that has hosted the Superbowl five times.

As one might expect, the opening saw an impressive video by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden welcoming and thanking the first line workers asking everyone to wear a mask, social distance and most important – stay safe!!

Not only have these individuals worked tireless hours they have put their lives at risk, but it’s obvious that not everyone even gives this any consideration and thinks of no one else – SAD!!

In addition the start paid tribute to three individuals who have gone above and beyond that saw Tampa’s front line Worker do the coin toss.

Sticking with first it’s interesting to know that both coaches are the oldest to coach against each other in a Superbowl that might be wondering who the halftime performer is?

Canada’s involvement in the unbelievable half-time show by “The Weenen” who mentions that he follows performers such as Prince, R Kelly and Michael Jackson.

When asked earlier in the week Andy Reid told Star Tribune reporter Mark Craig “the winning coach of Super Bowl LV will be Tampa Bay’s 68-year-old Bruce Arians or Kansas City’s “65-year-old” Reid.”

He continued “Well, I’m not quite 65 yet,” the 62-year-old Reid said, “but I do appreciate you advancing me just a little bit. I am still part of the Geritol crew, though.”

The coin toss was won by KC who deferred the toss that will see them (KC) kick off to start with KC having the ball to start this year’s Superbowl.

In a manner to set standards for the league they are taking huge steps forward by having Sarah Thomas the first female official working the game

The hype has two generations in one game that is known as “one for the ages” with Brady getting the first chance to show his skills to those who doubt his ability.

The key to this game is beating great offensive lines with Tampa putting pressure on Mahom who has run for the most first downs on a third down play that saw him putting his running skil  to play.

The closest play of the first quarter saw Mahomes throw one long that set up a FG giving KC the first points of the game with 5:10 remaining in the first quarter taking a 3-0 lead.

Not to be outdone, Brady threw to Gronkowski who ran for eight yards on his first carry of the game marching in for the first TD of the game with the point after going through the upright from Succop taking a 7-3 lead after one quarter. 

As with all sports, penalties are costly and the infraction for unnecessary rough play against KC set up a pass/run play by Brady set up a fourth and goal for the Bucks.

The ensuing play saw KC manage a goal-line stand that saw a coaches challenge by Tampa who were stopped inches away from their second TD giving KC the ball.

The second quarter saw both clubs play aggressively only to have the Chiefs take four penalties that saw the off-side penalty move the ball to the 29 yd line.

KC was called for holding on the ensuing FG allowing Tampa to reset the play but this one saw Brady throw to Gronkowski for his second TD off the game putting Tampa up 14-3 with 6:05 in the first half.

With 1:01 left in the first half KC managed a FG getting them within eight giving Brady the ball setting  up a good finish to the first half that has many waiting for Canada’s own ‘The Weeken” perform at the half.

Brady threw a short pass to Brown for a TD in the last six seconds after another penalty for pass interference going against Chiefs Tyrann Mathieu who were taking themselves out of the game by penalties alone.

Tampa has held Mahomes to 67 yards on 19 attempts through the first half for only  122 total yards with the longest play in the first half was 14 yards.

Despite the score many were asking at the half what would be mentioned in the Chiefs rook at the half and realistically speaking nothing had to be mentioned – they’re pros and shouting w on’t help anything.

KC had their biggest yardage of the game 19 short seconds in the 3rd quarter with 18 first downs for Tampa to only 9 by the Chiefs and that was about all they could muster up.

Heading into the fourth quarter it’s due or dye for KC in a game that saw them rely far too much on the play of Mahomes who has carried them all season.

With time working against them Mahomes scrambled out of the pocket rolling back but getting an impressive throw only to have it come up short..

The fourth and nine saw him with no passing protection rolling back only to have the intended pass hit his receiver in the mask leaving him 15 passes on 32 attempts for 131 yards with 1 pick.

Both Jones and Fournette have over 60 yards rushing heading into the last ten minutes left in the game with lots of yardage left with some thinking about the game MVP.

If there is any saving grace to the loss for KC, it’s the fact that they can hope to rebuild moving into next season, but that is a long shot.

Mahome to Hill saw a holding penalty with 5:09 remaining that saw some CLOWN run onto the field  trying to make a name for himself taking away from the game itself leaving me wondering why fans have to make fools of themselves.

Tampa’s Winfield Jr. was called for taunting which clearly shows a lack of sportsmanship despite the score.

This is Tampa’s first title since the 2003 Superbowl win when they defeated the Raiders (48-21) and the first time reaching the Superbowl in 16 years dating back to 2007; the last time they made the playoffs.

The Superbowl Championship win see’s Brady reach his 4th title after age 37 and it’s speculated that his net worth according to Forbes but uncertain how Forbes tabulates the numbers and in particular the $33 million. 

This considering there’s nearly a $5.15 million difference between it and Spotrac’s listed earnings for 2020 and according to Per Celebrity Net Worth, his (Brady) has a net worth of $200 million.


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