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Ovechkin – No More War!!!

More so than any other game this one could prove to be one of the harder games for Capitals star forward Alexander Ovechkin to play in while on his west coast swing.

Mainly due to the on-going conflict in Ukraine as well as his lack of response to Russian President Vladimir Putin who is nothing more than a control gouging monger.

The past two years everyone and everything has been put on hold and as we get set to move forward and come out of the pandemic we watch the horrific war that was created by Putin and his army of control freaks.

The most part of Ovechni’s trip has been been far but a warm welcome for the mega superstar in Calgary and Edmonton, but what will Canuck fans do when he hits the ice?

If he thought the reception was cool in the prairies this could prove to be one of his biggest hurdles to overcome, but one has to ask should he or shouldn’t he speak up?

Many say he should at least mention something one way or another, but if he does what could be 

the outcome of his words that carry lots of weight in the community.

In the past he has had a strong connection with Putin and also knowing that Western Canada has a large concentration of Ukrainian while also noted that Canada has the third-largest population of Ukrainians in the world, so we’ll see how this plays out. 

Also noting that Alberta has some 370,000 Ukrainian decedent, so tonight’s game is far more  “coat-tails” and realistically speaking we have no idea of what relationship he has with other Russian stars such as Igor Lorioniv or Vladislav Tretiak might be.

One has to question what his relationship is with his fellow team-mates might be, but knowing players they have probably put this aside as hard as it might be.

Ovi was a first-round draft managing to score over 1,300 points in his 17-year professional career with the Capitals and the fourth Russian-born player in the league to cross the 1,000-point mark.

He stressed his desire to see the conflict end, and that people on both sides would stay safe.

The friendship probably is due to the fact that Putin loves hockey and who better than Ovi to ride theDating back to 2017 he (Ovechkin) wrote “I am confident that there are many of us supporting Vladimir Putin. So let’s unite and show everyone a united and strong Russia!”

A few short days ago he (Ovechkin) maybe tried to put distance between himself and the president when he told various reporters “But how – I not in politics and only an athlete and you know, how I said, I hope everything is going to be done soon. It’s a hard situation right now for both side and everything. Everything, I hope, is going o end. I’m not in control of the situation.”

Ovi urged “Please, no more war,” “It doesn’t matter who’s in the war. Russia. Ukraine. Different countries. I think we live in a world like we have to live in peace and a great world.”

True; Athletes are an elite brand that do carry a lot of weight, but not when it comes to make world wide decisions – especially regarding what is happening in Ukraine; but I wish they did!!!!!

Let’s see how the night plays out tonight and how he handles it?


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