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Delta Kids Sport Gala – “So All Kids Can Play”

Photo Credit Delta Kids Sport

When it comes to playing sports some are not as fortunate as others given the ever changing world we live in for various reasons.

The first being the cost which continues to escalate on a daily basis for equipment and registration and if you are a family with more than one young person it’s simply out of reach.

The KidSport concept was launched in 1993 by the board and staff at Sport BC as a means to help address the many ongoing challenges faced by several families when they look to  register their children in any organized sport.

For the past couple of years I have had the privilege to cover the Delta Kids Sport Gala which raises money to help off-set the cost to the Families who desire ever so much to give their young boy or girl something special.

This year the Gala was held April 27 at Tsawwassen Springs with the theme set as Casino Royale which gave everyone attending the opportunity to play at the casino tables.

Emcee is Jason Pires from Global. Pete Quevillon, builder and former director of KidSport BC, is the guest speaker. 

The guest sports ambassadors are football legends Bobbi Singh, Claudell Louis, Jevon Cottoy, and Greg Frers, Delta Olympians Darcy Marquardt, Richard Hortness, Aaron Lattimer, and Joy Fera.

The past year (2023) was busy for KidSport British Columbia and its associated community as they funded 7742 kids which totaled over $2.6M which is the largest single-year funding distribution in the program’s history in BC which is a 52% increase over 2022 which was a 44% increase over 2022.

Memories last a lifetime and I for one can’t say how much I enjoy being involved with this event which is attended by Olympic Athletes who are proud and excited to give of their time showing their medals and posing for photos.

The conversation  runs deep with them being on the podium for their second Gold, only this time it’s with the business community reaching out letting them know how important this Gala is and what it means to the City of Delta.

The stories that you hear about not only what it means to them but also the journey they took as well as the help they had from their own respective communities.

We had the chance to chat with Carlene Lewall who works long extended hours to ensure that this continues to be a huge success for  the young boys and girls in Delta who might just be the next Olympic Athlete.

In a recent conversation with Carlene (Chair of Kidsport Delta) she mentioned “We want to get kids into sports. It keeps an active, healthy lifestyle.”

She continued “Regardless if it is organized sport or recreation, sport is just the means, so if they participate and they like that sport, there is more of a tendency to pick up a softball or a soccer ball and play after school or play with their friends because they have some skills. Sports teach life skills that we need. If we have healthy and active kids, we are going to have fewer problems with depression and mental health — it is a known fact. There is so much being spent on fixing problems—let’s get into the prevention mode. This is only one way, but it can be a big way.”

I am pleased to mention that last year (2023) KidSport Delta provided funding for 220 children, giving a total of $89,000 for Delta children allowing them to participate in various sports.

Thanks to KidSport Delta for having us at the event and next year Sportswave is looking at getting involved to help get the word out!

In addition we had the chance to meet and grab an interview with Pete Quevillon who was a Builder and now a retired Board Member who it should be noted that in 2015 over 8100 kids were helped play a season of sport via over $1.89 million in grants.  

Given the fact that there were several Olympic Champions attending we had the chance to chat with Joy Fera who competed in the 1976 Games in Montreal who loves nothing more than talking about her Olympic journey.

She is, along with others, so extremely passionate to talk about sport and what it meant helping her reach  the dream of competing at the Montreal Olympics in 1976.

Delta Kids Sports provides grants to help cover the costs of registration fees so that all kids aged 18 and under in Delta can play a season of sport.

Our chapter accepts applications and administers grants of up to $700 per child per calendar year, for kids who live in Delta.  

If you live outside of Delta please contact the Provincial Office to find your nearest chapter, or to get support through the Provincial Fund.



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