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Casino Royale – All For The Kids

Sports in today’s world has become something that unlike yesteryear families are unable to afford given the diversity of today’s world.

Changes over the past decades have changed with many having their own feelings on how and why but simply put the working class families have been put on the side-line.

Say what you will but many will chalk it up to the cost for registration and equipment with an added expense due to the rising price of gas all of which are necessities to playing.

Given the way the world has changed and sad as it is not all families stay together as they did over the past twenty plus years.

Who really knows and that alone is anyone’s guess but it’s reality and in conversation with some if the children are under the guidance of their mother I know some “dead-beat” dads that simply shun their responsibility.

Other than trying to be the good guy and have their kids either on weekends or every other weekend they are only hurting the kids.

When it comes to this in the long run the kids aren’t as naive as some might think and this is where Kid’s Sport comes into play.

Earlier in the year I was invited and took a friend to the Casino Royal Gala held at Tsawwassen Springs which was sold out and in conversation with many there it was something that the community embraced. 

Lets remember that unlike outside interests sport builds character, develops self confidence and while working with coaches it helps you grow your potential and reach goals otherwise for years to come.

Locally KidSport in Delta has been around for several years and provides grants that help cover the cost for registration fees so that all kids 18 and under in Delta can play a full season of sport.

While there is a cost, the Delta chapter accepts and are open to all applications in addition to administering grants of up to $600.00 per child in each calendar year for kids living in Delta.

Let’s not forget that KidSport Delta is a community chapter of KidSport Canada – British Columbia. 

Every dollar that is raised in the community stays in the community and not dispersed outside of Delta.

If you go on the SportBC site they list the following:

KidSport BC Impact Across the Province Since 1993

  • 62,800+ Kids given the gift of sport
  • $15 MILLION+ invested in kids

Fast Facts: KidSport Impact Across BC in 2019

  • KidSport BC provides opportunities for young people to access sport. In 2019 KidSport BC raised $2.1 Million and issued 7,248 grants
  • Funding Breakdown:
    • 2,827 Girls granted = $836,456
    • 886 Indigenous Youth granted = $257,442
    • 173 Children with a Disability granted = $51,301
    • 511 New Canadians granted = $138,539
  • Making it all Happen:
  • 300+ Volunteers
  • 42 Local Chapters
  • 150 Communities Impacted
  • 52 Sports

For more info, please reach out to KidSport British Columbia by email at


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