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Tony Hawk Talks Safety

At the young age of 44 Tony Hawk still performs at various venues through the US and Canada.

He managed to bring his Left Coast Tour to Vancouver’s Hastings Park at the PNE for an afternoon performance a while back to not only show his talent’s, but also talk about the importance of safety to the many youngsters on hand.

The event was sponsored by “Birdhouse” a very well known Skateboard Company.

His occupation is known as the launcher of the “Boom Boom” Huck Jam and the Tony Hawk Foundation.

He started skating in 1977 and first acquired a sponsor in 1980 and is known to have a “goofy” stance. While recently retiring from competitive skating he loves to show-case his tricks to the younger audience.

He is known to be original while performing relentless tricks that he was the originator of.

He favourite trick is the 540, which his variation being the Mute.

He seldom gets “rattled” at any event and welcomes the addition of up and coming young boarders to the sport. It’s interesting in talking to some of the young persons at the event,

I am told that he had time to talk to anyone that had a question for him or Skate Boarding or other general topics.

One thing that he makes a point to stress for everyone – is “wear a helmet”. This point can never be hammered home too many times. It only takes once and should an injury happens regarding a head injury, it is extremely hard to recover.

Most (kids and parents alike) think we are invincible, and when it comes to the younger generation far too many parents think nothing of enforcing this simple rule.

It’s like using a helmet for a bike! If it was safe, then why do the cyclists for events such as the Tour de France wear them?

Sure rules are meant to be broken, but in this case – it will be more than the helmet that is broken!

He entertained a huge crowd at Hastings and everyone was thrilled to see the great Tony Hawk perform in Vancouver.

Photo taken by D. Laird Allan photography. Sportswave’s Official photographer!!