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Whitecap Rumors

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While we eagerly await the return of sports in the area, no team is more eager to return to the pitch than the Vancouver Whitecaps who are dealing with various concerns.

One, being the “green light” to return to BC Place and play in front of their strong supporters as well as the supporters known as the SouthSiders.

This group along have been long known to not only support the “Cap’s” but also travel to various cities cheering on the home town squad making more noise than the stadium they attend.

Strong support means success both on and off the pitch for the Whitecaps, which is what is required in today’s market if any team is going to survive.

They show or voice their concerns and most recently they are concerned about the designated player rule. 

According to the league (MLS) allows for teams to sign a limited number of players whose salary exceeds the maximum cap, as each DP player counts for $480,625 (£381,000) against the cap in 2017.

We are hearing that the team is (apparently) in either discussion or negotiations for attacking midfielder Jean Pyerre who is reportedly worth $9 million euros according to reports on the international stage.

Vancouver FC are set to play each other over the weekend and both clubs are wanting to add another DP (designated player) to their roster.  

It’s reported by media in Brazil that the Whitecaps have made possibly two offers for Pyerre, one for apparently $6 million which is 50% of his rights.

It was first reported that his agent was in Salt Lake, which we are hearing that this crushes any rumor’s making their way around the circuit in the soccer world.

The one area the Whitecaps want to avoid is having a “firestorm” of criticism from their local fan base being trashed on social media, which has happened in the past.

Once comments are in  cyberspace they can’t be easily taken down and thrown away like a ragged piece of towel and this is one area that the Cap’s need to avoid.

He (Pyerre) was ranked fifth in passes over 90 minutes of playing time only behind four older players who are seasoned in the sport. 

His passing is precise and on target and at times sending the ball ahead of the intended receiver down field forcing them to be more aggressive in all areas of the pitch.

One has to hope that the price is right??


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