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With the nice weather continuing to play out in the lower mainland, I thought it would be good to share this golf tip for the weekend warriors who continue to hit the links, possibly over this long weekend.

Improve swing path into impact with this simple downswing golf tip. Reduce hand action for straighter longer drives and crisper irons shots.

The correct swing path into impact is crucial for hitting long straight drives and crisp iron shots. If the swing path is too far from the inside when approaching the ball, the hands will automatically try to close the club face at impact to avoid the straight push.

Conversely, if the downswing is ‘over the top’ and approaching impact from the outside, the hands will try to hold the clubface open at impact to avoid the straight pull.

Both these swings, where excessive hand action is necessary, impart a glancing blow on the ball resulting in side spin. If the swing path is radically offline the hands have to work so hard it can also result in topped or smothered shots. 

Try the following tip to improve swing path into the impact area and consequently ball striking.


Tip for Downswing Path Through Impact

There are two ways to improve swing path into impact – either by trying to achieve a better position at the top of the back swing (a long-term mechanical strategy) or by using a mental trick that can also promote swing change. 

Rather than trying to change the swing path by physical means, it is possible to influence the shape of the swing by using imagination. Try the following tip to improve swing shape into the ball.

 Instead of holding a golf club imagine you are going to swing a large paintbrush and at impact simply paint a line directly towards the target.

  • The line on the canvass will highlight swing path at the bottom of the swing which should point straight at the target.
  • Rather like a divot taken when hitting an iron, not only should the divot fly at the flag but the shape of the divot should be virtually straight.

Inside to Inside Golf Swing

In a perfect world the line just before impact, and just after, would be slightly curved reflecting the correct inside to inside attack on the ball, however most golfers needing to alter swing path should focus on trying to picture a straight line.

The longer the club travels towards the target the more chance a golfer has of hitting consistent shots.

Many analysts believe that the secret to Moe Norman’s great striking, and most top professionals, is the length of time the club travels down the line through impact.

When next hitting a ball, picture a straight line pointing towards the target then draw it with the club head at it swings through impact.

Someone who slices would find the line aiming left and exactly the opposite for a golfer who pushes or hooks

Author Bio: Brian is an editor of, a blog dedicated to providing tips and drills as well as buying guides to many other golfers. 

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