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 The Top 10 Most Popular Motorsports

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Motorsports are hugely popular around the world, and they come in many forms. From Formula 1 to Isle of Man TT, this post lists the 10 most popular motorsports events and why they could be worth checking out. 

Formula 1

Formula 1 remains the most popular motorsports event. It’s been increasing in viewership year on year, attracting 1.1 million viewers in 2023. 

This motorsport boasts some of the most famous drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso, who race for teams such McClaren and Red Bull on a range of tracks across the world. 

Fans watch F1 for the rivalries between drivers and teams and the variety of tracks driven throughout the year. The cars are also some of the fastest and most complex in the world.

This post explains more on how to watch F1 in Canada


NASCAR is the most popular racing event in the US and has a growing international fanbase too. Unlike F1, drivers race stock cars around an oval track. It’s a simpler form of racing, but has its own unique thrills. 

For one, you can see the whole track when attending a NASCAR race in person. NASCAR also notoriously has more crashes than F1, but is generally much safer due to the drivers being protected inside the car. This post offers advice on how to get into NASCAR.


MotoGP is the motorcycle equivalent of F1. Riders race for teams around a variety of different-shaped tracks around the world (similarly known as ‘Grand Prix’ races) on advanced high-speed motorbikes. 

MotoGP is more high risk than F1 and has more overtakes making it the preferred motorsport by some spectators.


IndyCar is very similar to Formula 1 in that the cars are open top and light and race around a variety of different shaped tracks. 

It is popular primarily across North America, but is slowly gaining more fans overseas. 

Indycar cars have a higher top speed than F1 cars, but do not have power steering – making maneuvers slower but more physically intensive for drivers. 

Le Mans

Le Mans is the most famous 24 hour race in the world. It takes place every year in the French town of Le Mans and attracts hordes of spectators. This race is all about endurance – the car that does the most laps around the track wins. 

Each team has three drivers who they must rotate within the 24 hour period (all drivers must race). This can give it an exciting unpredictability. 

World Rally Championship

Rallying involves racing modified road cars at high speed through public roads (that are closed for racing). Cars contain a driver and navigator. 

The World Rally Championship (WRC) is a rally racing series that takes place each year, made up of stages based across the world. It is the most prestigious rally event and attracts many spectators. 

Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is the most famous long-distance rally. The winner is the fastest car that travels from the starting line in Paris to the finish line in Dakar. 

Unlike other motorsports events featured in this post, the race is not made of select teams and drivers. 

Anyone who has a cross country rally license can enter and a variety of different vehicles ranging from motorbikes to cars can enter. 

The result is often 100s of different vehicles racing each other – some of which are driven by WRC champions and others by amateurs – over a huge distance, making it a lot more excitingly chaotic than other races. 

Formula E

Formula E is the most popular electric car racing series. Cars are designed similar to formula 1 cars but are powered entirely by electricity. 

Races similarly take place on tracks around the world. While still a very new form of racing, 

Formula E has been seeing a huge surge in popularity in recent years and has been rapidly pushing forward the capabilities of electric vehicles. 


Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing. It is very different to MotoGP – riders must steer dirt bikes over rough terrain, which often includes jumps and steep inclines and mud patches. 

The Motocross World Championship is held every year and is made up of a series of races held across the world.

Isle of Man TT

Isle of Man TT is a single race held on the Isle of Man in the UK each year. It’s a motorcycling rally race through frighteningly narrow country roads covering 60km. 

It is often regarded as the most dangerous motor racing event in the world – claiming lives almost every year – which has made it a very controversial race. Yet it continues to attract eager racers and thousands of spectators every year. 


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