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Records Could Fall

Records could fall and history is in the making as Alberta swimmer Cole Pratt is looking at making history at the Canada Games at Winnipeg’s Pan Am Pool located off Grant Ave.

Pratt managed to qualify in two final events and with 8 medals earned so far he is on record and could tie or surpass the current Canada Games record set at the 2005 Canada Games in Regina by Ray Betuzzi, who earned an impressive 9 medals.

Cole who is fluent in both French and English was set for any media interviews following his last race.


Not too surprisingly that the City of Winnipeg has managed to muster up over 6,000 volunteers to assist with the games and these “unsung heroes” are what make these or any games a success.

Friendly, eager and passionate are how you would describe these individuals and while they are not the loudest they are always visible to everyone!

They all are sporting bright orange t-shirts and jackets and it’s easy to spot any volunteer as they can be found directing and supplying information or are ushering you to your seats.

Volunteers were found at the Investors Group Athletic Centre and volunteers of various ages were helping out in a variety of different functions such as security, sidelines judges, and ball catchers!

Kiera Wortley is one of many volunteers and is located at the Investor’s Group Athletic Centre and is a guest services representative.

She assists individuals where to go, provides them with information about the location of various events as well as provides information about the City of Winnipeg and what to see and where to go throughout the City.

To her the most interesting part or one of of the more interesting parts for the 2017 Canada Games is having the “behind the scenes viewpoint” for the games.

The athlete’s excitement made Kiera feel extra-proud to be a representative of our beloved city.