United Under One Flag?

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Given all the strife in today’s world, the tension we see daily on TV ranging from country to country as well as mentioning the abuse from player to play in various sports, this is a “good will” story that gives us hope.

Korea has been the wrath of Politicians around the globe and when we can hear of teams, countries or sports uniting just maybe that the world is headed in the right direction?

The South’s Sports Minister Do Jong Hwan said the neighbors would unite in women’s Basketball, Canoeing and Rowing in the Japanese capital.

He said that united teams could also be formed in table tennis, judo and “possibly other sports”.

The news, which follows cross-border talks, is the latest development in sport contributing to an apparent thawing of tensions between the two countries.

It’s reported that both North and South Korea are technically divided we hear that they currently are in discussion of a possible co-bid for the 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It’s currently questionable as to how the Korean teams would with a joint bid for Tokyo, but we can assume that possibly the International Olympic Committee would be a willing facilitator given the positive press that both nations efforts of working together have gained worldwide press.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un made a shocking announcement earlier that his country would be prepared to allow it’s Athletes to compete at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in the South.

In total there were twenty-two athletes from North Korea that competed following an IOC-led four party meeting in Lausanne (January 20th), a meeting that also involved Game organizers and South Korea.

Both North and South Korea marched united at the Olympic Opening Ceremony that also saw a joint Women’s Ice Hockey team compete in Women’s competition.

In addition there were a group of cheerleaders which was a high-level delegation from North Korea that attended the games, which included Kim Yo-jong.

Thomas Back, IOC President went on to visit Pyongyang meeting with Kim, with the North Korean leader having somewhat of a summit meeting with dignitaries.

It should be noted that both North and South Korea competed as a joint group in three (3) sports at the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang earlier this year managing to win a Gold Medal in Dragon Boat Racing.

Both countries have “teamed up” in Table Tennis and Judo events or competitions.

Don’t hold your breath, but given the progression between both countries to date it would be a “nice touch” to see them in a joint march at the 2020 Tokyo Opening Ceremony.

Here’s hoping???

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