Violence In The Stands

While we all want to have sport played in a safe environment, some fans/parents take the games far too serious and wreck it for everyone else.

Point in question is at a hockey game and we can’t be shocked about that, when a fan and I use that term loosely began to taunt a visiting team forcing Hinton’s Head Coach Jeff Richards to take action into his own hands to as he mentions to “protect his players.”

While this was happening, it’s interesting to watch everyone in the stands do nothing but pull out their phone to video the encounter.

Now you tell me what’s wrong with society when all these “so called” fans and I can assume that they are parents do nothing to prevent this from escalating?

We are hearing and now watching the video that shows Coach Jeff Richards take matters into his own hands.

The game was played between the Hinton Timberwolves and Saskatchewan Meadow Lake Mustangs, both teams in the Western States Hockey League.

So while many are quick to jump on the Coach, why was the game not stopped sooner and better yet  – where is the security at this rink?

Sooner or later the fans have to get the message that this type of action will not be condoned and better yet, maybe the Government should invoke a law making this a criminal offense

While this situation happens far and few between, one situation is too many and only gives the league a “blackeye” for attracting players or fans alike.

As for punishment, the fan should be banned from any future games by not just the league, but the town.

It his is indeed a parent can you imagine how his Son feels to know that his Dad acted like a complete idiot?

While everyone has a different point of view Marty Ross Coach of the Meadow Lake Mustangs mentioned “Richards had no reason to be afraid because he could have simply stepped away from the fan and there’s glass, the bench drops down probably close to 10 feet.”

Ross went on to mention that the “Other Timberwolves coach wasn’t grabbed by the scruff of the neck until after Richards started swinging.

He continued and mentioned “The hockey stick incident was the culmination of a fight and insults that started flying on the ice.” 

The Mustangs were fined by the WSHL after the incident for not having security onsite. 

Ross said they do have security personnel and a maintenance person who can also step in. He said they were on the other side of the rink when the incident occurred. 

Another team member was fined the next day for something they said to a referee. 

Richards said the league has already responded and he has not been suspended.

Ross said the WSHL should have responded differently and “I think that coach should have been at least suspended until they find out, ’til they investigate.”

The Meadow Lake Mustangs team was shut down by the owner after playing another game against the Timberwolves on Saturday, with Ross mentioning “The decision was not a direct result of the incident. He said it was related to finances and low player numbers.”    

Its reported that Team director Gerald Pohl mentioned “The team forfeited its Sunday game because of a lack of players, which he said usually means a suspension or expulsion for that team.”