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Think Before You Speak!!

Regardless of the role you play when it comes to sports or everyday events, in today’s world it’s important to think before you speak.

This goes without saying and starts at the top with management, ownership and now-a-day’s even filters into politics, as in this ever changing world – everyone’s a critic.

Sports athletes are subject to post-game scrum by various media members who ask some interesting yet unique questions so as to get the “money” remark that will give their media outlet a “boost” in the ratings.

This happens on a regular basis and one might not imagine getting these following a loss after a hard played game, but it indeed happens.

This past week the NFL once again was subject to remarks from one of its pro players, who since then has made a sincere apology for his remarks.

In this case it could do more harm for Newton than he might expect and as quick as this happened a spokesman for Oikos Yogurt mentioned it would no longer use him as a spokesperson. #lossofrevenue

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton made what many call sexist remarks directed to Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue following a recent game.

Simply put she asked a question and was doing her job when he remarked “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes” thereby indicating that female reporters don’t know or understand the sport.

The following day Newton made a retraction stating “Maybe I should have said it was funny to hear reporters talk about routes and that, if she actually did know about them, she knew more than most reporters.”

So Newton’s comments were out of line for what he said and remarks go both ways so let’s not forget that in 2013 she (Jourdan Rodrigue) mentioned that she was sorry for a 2013 retweet with racist overtones from four-plus years ago calling Dale Earnhardt a “Bitch N—a.”

Also in a tweet from December 28th, 2012 she mentioned that  “My Dad is being a super racist as we pass through Navajo land…

Now her comments are in the form of  another tweet “I apologize for the offensive tweets from my Twitter account from 4 or 5 years ago and there is no excuse for these tweets and the sentiment behind them. I am deeply sorry and apologize.”

First let’s follow what Jourdan Rodrigue has done in the past, which include her being a reporter for the Charlotte Observer and her job is to ask questions, reports answers as well as compiles stats that cover the Panthers football team.

She has been a reporter at the Observer since October 2016 and has co-produced a sports documentary on the 2015 Dobson Girls Basketball team and their Division 1 State Championship title.

One has to ask how this could have been resolved if it happened at a workplace that might have seen a grievance filed by one party or the other.

The words were no sooner out, that the NFL itself made a retract in which NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy mentioned “the comments do not reflect the thinking of the league”, to which sponsorship Gatorade mentioned “the comments are objectionable and disrespectful to all  women.”

I am hearing from various media outlets in the US as well as some local reporters, who shall remain nameless that it made Newton a ripe target for cheap shots.”

Newton was wrong with his comments and if the athletes are going to be subject to the scrutiny of everyone, you just know the media scrums will be a thing of the past.

Let’s not forget that while this has come to an end, it could follow Newton for the rest of his career, so let’s hope that everyone learns.

If we reflect on the past it’s interesting to note that he (Newton_ called Washington Post reporter Cindy Bohen “Sweetheart” during an interview.”

One can say that possibly he (Newton) is either from the “old school” of comments or he simply doesn’t know any better.

We should also remember that this isn’t the first time the NFL has come across issues such as this with female reporters.

Years back (if you’re old enough to remember) Joe Namath stated that he wanted to kiss Suzy Kolber during a primetime game between the Patriots and the Jets and a second was when Brett Favre was at the centre of controversy for texting explicit photos of himself to a female reporter.

Especially the NFL given all the domestic issues they face each season and given that this is not of a physical nature, it was hurtful and should have never happened.