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Officiating isn’t the easiest of tasks to have for a job, but when you work at the pro level, it’s about performance, consistency and the ability to control the game without being the center of attention.

As the NHL reach the Stanley Cup finals the league has narrowed the officials down to a final select eight officials  consisting of four ref’s and four linesman.

Say what you will about those selected to officiate the final round, especially given the questions surrounding the calls or lack of calls, only to be followed by the questionable video’s from the “War Room.”

Like it or not the 2017 Stanley Cup Final that features Pittsburgh playing host to Nashville Predators, who have made it as the 16th team to make the playoffs having never won a title before facing a strong Pittsburg club who have won,

So the pressure is on and given the selection of officials one can only hope the games are played without any questionable calls to either make or break any game.

The selection of officials see’s Referees Wes McCauley, Brad Meier, Dan O’Halloran, and Kevin Pollock.  Linesmen are Scott Cherrey, Shaney Heyer, Brad Kovachik, and Brian Murphy.

To the surprise of some Referees that missed the cut were Jean Hebert, Dan O’Rourke, Chris Rooney, and Richmond’s Kelly Sutherland.

Let it be known that both O’Rourke and Sutherland both worked the 2016 Stanley Cup Final and were left off the ballot to work this year – politics or ability?

Also not moving on were linesmen Derek Amell, Jonny Murray, and Pierre Racicot- all three of whom worked last year’s Cup Final – along with Matt MacPherson, who was making his first Conference Finals appearance.


Wes McCauley #4 – 5th Cup Final (2013-2016). NHL debut in 2003. 886 regular season games. Age 44, from Georgetown, Ontario. Drafted in 1990 by the Detroit Red Wings.

Brad Meier #34 – 1st Cup Final. NHL debut in 1999. 1,151 regular season games. Age 49, from Dayton, Ohio.

Dan O’Halloran #13 – 10th Cup Final (2007, 2008, 2010-2016). NHL debut in 1995. 1,303 regular season games. Age 52, from Essex, Ontario. Last referee hired into the three-man system

Kevin Pollock #33 – 2nd Cup Final (2015). NHL debut in 2000. 1,156 regular season games. Age 46, from Kincardine, Ontario.


Scott Cherrey #50 – 1st Cup Final. 2 Conference Finals (2015, 2017). NHL debut in 2007. 694 regular season games. Age 40, from Drayton, Ontario.  Drafted in 1994 by the Washington Capitals.

Shane Heyer #55 – 6th Cup Final (2007, 2008, 2013-2015). Made Conference Finals in 10 of 11 NHL seasons. NHL debut in 1988. 1,561 regular season games as a linesman, plus 2 as a referee. Age 52, from Summerland, British Columbia.

Brad Kovachik #71 – 2nd Cup Final (2014). 6 Conference Finals; 5 straight (2013-2017). NHL debut in 1996. 1,297 regular season games. Age 45, from Woodstock, Ontario.

Brian Murphy #93 –  9th Cup Final. (1995, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2013, 2015, 2016). NHL debut in 1988. 1,775 regular season games as a linesman, plus 88 as a referee. Age 51, from Dover, New Hampshire.

Here’s hoping the final series goes without any questionable calls?