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Delta Police Take Action

I continue to mention that the world continues to change and we have to wonder why the world that focuses on abuse and bullying continues to make the daily news.

We turn on the TV and all we seem to hear about is bullying from various individuals, mostly today’s youth who have obviously taken the wrong path.

Before you jump to conclusions – we had abuse and even then it never resulted to gun violence as we continue to hear, but that was then and today is so different from yesteryear.

Bullying isn’t focused on one specific location, but varies and isn’t only happening in the major cities, but even small town’s.

Police action from the Delta PD saw them take the necessary action to possibly curb a situation that could have become far worse and thanks to this action the youth involved were taken into custody.

Below is the release I received regarding the incident and thanks to Delta PD for sharing to the public!!

On Monday, February 27, 2023, a 16-year-old male reported that he had been attacked by several individuals wearing masks in and around Annieville Park.  

The victim had been threatened, punched and eventually suffered stab wounds to his body by one or more of the suspects.

DPD members located and provided emergency first aid to the victim until Delta Fire and Emergency Health Services arrived.  

The victim was taken to hospital and is being treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries.  The victim is expected to make a full recovery.

As this attack happened within the proximity of several schools, members of the DPD worked with the Delta School administration and placed Delview Senior Secondary, Annieville Elementary and Gibson Elementary into a precautionary Secure and Hold until the police could take all necessary actions to locate the suspects.

The police investigation quickly determined that the incident was a targeted attack.  The victim appears to be currently involved in a dispute with other individuals he knows from school. 

This incident is not believed to be connected to the BC Gang Conflict or gang-related.

Several youths involved in the attack were located by police and taken into custody.  The potential suspects were students who went to school with the victim. 

The school administration has been working with investigators to assess this incident’s impact on all students at the school.

All of the suspect youth’s parents have been notified of the incident, and the school administration is taking all necessary steps they deem necessary by sanctioning the involved students as the investigation continues

.Chief Dubord stated that “anytime we see high levels of violence at our or near schools, it is a significant pause for concern as to the welfare of the youth of our community.  It is troubling a dispute has escalated to this level of violence”.

Investigators are at the preliminary steps of gathering evidence with the intention to forward a report to Crown Counsel seeking charges against those involved related to this incident.  

In the meantime, police wish to thank Delta school administrators and staff for their continued assistance as this matter makes its way through the investigative process.

The victim and those involved are young persons, so their identities will not be made public.




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