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Canada Cup Welcomes Team Ukraine

Photo Credit D. Laird Allan

Not only does the warm weather bring out supporters for Women’s Fastpitch at Softball City in South Surrey, it showcases world class players from around the world.

While this year is extra special each and every summer the event draws hundreds of fans who are entertained by one of, if not the best events held in the lower mainland.

The support they receive is astronomical that leaves a lifetime of memories for the player, coaches, team  personnel as well as the volunteers who help make this better each summer.

Say what you will, this event was brought to light by two exceptional individuals namely Glen Todd who passed away in March, 2022 and Greg Timm who continues to run the event.

Since the first event Laird and I have had the privilege to be involved with the Canada Cup which has gone through changes since the opening pitch all which have been positive.

Changes with volunteers, staffing at the facility as well as a change in the media relations which has changed due to the inception of the internet and other various on-line media outlets.

Given the state of the world and the ongoing war in Ukraine this year the Canada Cup has welcomed a young team from Ukraine.

The idea or thought initially was one that some might have questioned but in conversation with Greg he mentioned “We had outstanding support from the community with over 1,100 people, companies and organizations donating to the Ukrainian cause.”

He continued “They were willing to donate anywhere from twenty bucks to twenty thousand bucks and we felt it was the right thing to do and have a Ukraine Day to honor the efforts and contributions of the crowd and to present the Ukrainian Team to the crowd.”

It’s fair to say that we have all been touched by the Ukrainian cause and honestly speaking, Canadians sitting at home watching television haven’t been touched by how the country as a whole has become united.

We have to remember that the success of all sports are today’s youth and how we both teach, encourage and show our support in everything they do all in a positive light.

Greg continued to mention “We do our little part here and run a softball tournament not for profit and agreed to fundraise to bring their team here and were successful and the team is having the rime of their life.”

I asked Greg about continuing this on for the upcoming years and he mentioned “We are looking at the possibility of longer term plans and maybe they can return next year and make this part of the Canada Cup family.”

While we enjoy our freedom team Ukraine left a war and landed in paradise and this team truly believes as they are welcomed by a Canadian warmth unlike any other and are not only learning about the sport and if you ask them they might say that they are learning more about themself. 

If nothing else as hard as it might be, after ten days they will learn that there is life after war and a chance to play and be free and let kids be kids as  they are between 15 to 18 years in age.

The opening ceremony was as short as it could be given the understanding that they are competitive athletes and want to play to get on with the game, but neither Canada or Italy were concerned about the delay.

This event would not be what it is today without the ongoing support and dedication of the  volunteers who are the one that drive the machine.

The opening wasn’t about the amount of time but rather the gesture to promote the team to the crowd and present the public to the team.

The opening was so very well received by not only the team but also the crowd with both teams being introduced to the crowd followed by inspirational words from Greg Timm.

This was followed by the introduction of Team Ukraine welcomed on the diamond with a standing ovation that was also followed by a pin exchange by both teams to Team Ukraine.

Touching and such a classy addition to this years  Canada Cup considering it was cancelled  in 2021 due to Covid-19 which thankfully returned last July to the delight of everyone.

Sportswave continues to be a strong supporter of the Canada Cup which continues to get bigger and better each July bringing in world class players.

As Glen once told me after an interview “Let’s quit talking and get on with the game” which we did!

If you attend the Canada Cup you’ll surely hit a home run by showing your support to tomorrow’s future of the game. 


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