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Finally after months of waiting the BC Junior A lacrosse (BCJALL) the floor after a long extended wait and find themselves playing a short season with the season’s first game at the historic Queens Park in New Westminster

As with every other sport, players and fans alike are eager for the return of our 16 month holiday which kept everyone away from their chosen sport having dreams of making pro. 

The 16 month “extended holiday” is welcomed by the BCJALL who played their first game when the Saints faced the Thunder at the Langley Centre Field House. 

The interesting part about the return to sport is that each facility seems to be doing “their own thing” by allowing fans or no fans in their respective facility, which is confusing to everyone.

Langley are keeping everyone out (as of press time), while Burnaby and Delta are allowing fans in to watch the game.

Clearly, no one has thought this out and  while I am hearing that the reason for keeping everyone out (at present) is so the facility can be cleaned.

Again – what a misnomer as some arena’s, (but not all) are simply standing at the door visiting with everyone outside who are waiting to be allowed in. 

Two wrongs don’t make a right and if it’s fair for one arena to let a limited number into the building why not allow all facilities to follow suit..

Regardless, that’s our rant for now, but I’m sure there will be others and while we are talking about letting a limited number in, that is exactly what they did when we attended the game at the Bill Copeland Arena in Burnaby.

We reached out to the City of Burnaby to confirm that we were allowed in to attend the game Friday evening as the Delta Islanders travelled to Burnaby playing the Lakers with the face-off set for 7:30pm. 

The same night saw Port Coquitlam play their crosstown rivals, the Coquitlam Adanacs in game action at the Port Coquitlam Sports Centre which again was a 7:30 pm face-off.  

Rounding out week one saw the Lakers visit the Nanaimo Timberman with an early 4:00 face-off so as to cut league and team costs. 

While some are wanting the league to play a full schedule it’s simply not in the cards this season due to the late start of the season which will have each facility start to put the ice in the mid part of August for their fall season.

Game action Sunday has the Delta Islanders play host to the  Jr. Victoria Shamrocks with the face-off set for 3:00 pm at the Ladner Leisure Centre, which will be webcast “live” on Sportswave TV/Yaremedia

League play this season will consist with each team playing four game’s in their showcase so as to display the talent of the players in hopes of allowing the players to be watched and/or scouted for the next WLA Draft. 

The BCJALL will have each team play each other once for a total of seven league games followed by league playoffs to decide the league champions for the 2021 season. 

In addition to the shortened season, which many still question please remember that there will be no Minto Cup Championship played this year, all due to Covid-19 regulations 

It’s hoped that during the first week we will be able to connect with good friend KARL CHRISTIANSEN to arrange an interview for an upcoming game.

We are pleased to announce that all Delta Islanders home games will be shown “live” on Sportswave Productions, who work with Yare Media to bring you top game action.

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