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Moving forward with your game it’s understandable to mention that your game simply won’t get better unless you have the desire to excel and achieve success to compete either for fun or competitive at various competitions.

Continuing on with our third and final feature in our series and we hope the information has been helpful to you.

How to Do It:

  • To start you want to have one volleyball player lying on top of another player.
  • Your coach is going to slap the ball and then toss the ball very high so that it’s in the court.
  • Once you hear the ball being slapped, you will begin to get off of the other person and the person that’s on the bottom will try to get to the ball to pass.
  • The volleyball player that’s on the top of the pile will be getting into the right position so that they can set for the other player.
  • Once you’ve passed, set, and hit the ball you are done with your part of the drill.
  • Two more players will then step in to begin the same drill.

Warm-Up 1-on-1 Drill

The 1-on-1 drill not only is great for helping you warm up but it’s also fun because you’re going to be running all over the court. Your goal is to play the ball and earn points by staying on your side.

This is an excellent choice for volleyball drills for beginners since it’s all about trying to return the pass regardless of where the ball is on the court at the time.

How to Do It:

  • There will be one player that is underhandedly serving the ball while another player is on the opposite side of the net.
  • You only will get one hit for each side.
  • If you’re the one playing the ball then you have to use only your forearms. You will need to keep your hands together as you play the ball.
  • You’ll notice that by using only your forearms the drill looks more like a tennis match since each of the players will be running from one side of the court to the other side.
  • The winner is determined by if the server has won that particular volley. After someone wins, the two players will switch sides.
  • The person that was serving now will become the receiver and the receiver will then become the server, which is why it’s rated as one of the top volleyball drills for beginners.
  • A point is awarded each time the receiver stays on their side of the court and wins the volley.


  • You can choose to add competition into the game by keeping individual scores. That’s what I used to do when I was on the volleyball team in high school.
  • Playing to 5 points is one variation of the two pile drill, but have each person keep track of what their score is.
  • Stipulate that to earn a point you’ll need to be on the receiving side and win the volley. 

Hitting Around a Team Block 

Teamwork is needed in volleyball and one drill where you’ll have fun working as a team is hitting around a team block strategic drill. The goal of this drill is to try to hit your volleyball through your teammates blocking you.

A lot of volleyball drills for beginners focus on the mechanics of the sport, and this drill is great for getting you into the mindset as a hitter to see the block and learn how to hit through it.

How to Do It:

  • You’ll need 6 players on one side of the volleyball net.
  • Have two players on the other side with one being a setter and one being a hitter.
  • The hitter is going to have to hit around or through the blockers that are on the other side of the net.
  • In this drill, the setter will need to make sure to set the hitter as much as possible.
  • You cannot tip or hit over the blockers if you’re the hitter and this is something you might forget if you’ve just started practicing volleyball drills for beginners.

Thanks to Sport Fitness for the info, so be sure to contact them for additional information.




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