Beach Volleyball In Delta

Given the recent concerns in the area about the sport of Pickle Ball and their courts, it comes as no real surprise that some question Delta’s council recommendation to enter into an agreement to install four beach volleyball courts. 

For those who are simply unfamiliar with Delta’s McNamara Twins they have made a successful career in the sport, so there is no real reason this will get turned down, but there is still the “Big Maybe.”

They would be located at Delta Secondary at a cost picked up by the company cost; Urban Recreational Ltd of Vancouver. 

Prior to the deal being “rubber stamped” it first must be approved and endorsed by the Delta School Board.

The city was approached by Urban Recreation Ltd. which has beach volleyball courts at other locations in the Lower Mainland and operates a volleyball league.

City of Delta staff reviewed various possible locations and feel that the most suitable location would be at Delta Senior Secondary and would be located south of Memorial Park on school district property, where a small backstop currently exists.

The agreement would see the courts available to the district during school hours (8 AM to 3 PM) on school days ONLY. 

Urban Recreation would have full access to the courts for recreational league play four nights per week which would see them obviously run a league on the courts from April 1st to September 30th each year.

It should be noted that throughout the agreement, it mentions that the City of Delta would be solely responsible for the maintenance of the courts and required to prepare monthly inspection reports.

The school district would provide the city use of the courts for a minimum of three years with an option to extend for an additional two years, according to the city staff report, but what happens after that? 

Delta and the public could use the courts outside of school use and the time allotted to Urban Recreation.

The school board notes a memorandum of understanding with the city is still needed.

While we might agree with the idea, we ask why is it that Delta has to pay for the cost of upkeep and the company get off the hook.

You know that if they operate a league they will be charging players to compete and no doubt make it in their best interest to be a money maker for Urban Rec.

Sportswave File Photo