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We have the BC Winter Games as does most Provinces, but the Winter Games are extra special for Canada’s Athletes to attend.

Athletes from across Canada have worked extra hard in their respective provinces to reach this level of competition and 2019 pays recognition to a new class of individuals.

Athletes Jennifer Heil, Cindy Klassen and Bruny Surin, along with Builder Clare Drake and Distinguished Alumna Dr. Elizabeth Cannon were announced as the  Canada Games Hall of Honour Class of 2019.

Canada Games Board Chair for 2019 Lyn Radford mentioned “The Canada Games Hall of Honor recognizes, honours and celebrates exceptional Canada Games alumni and individuals who have, in their own ways, made outstanding contributions to the development and advancement of the Canada Games.”

Lynn Blouin a Canada Games Council board of directors member mentioned “Being able to do so within such a prestigious event held before the Canada Games in Red Deer will surely shed more light on the deserving honorees of this Class of 2019.”

The individuals selected will be recognized at the Hall of Honour Celebration Dinner February 14th and anyone wishing to attend can do so by contacting the Games office.

Induction into the Canada Games Hall of Honour takes place every two years and the Hall of Honour recognizes, honours and celebrates exceptional Canada Games alumni.

All of whom have distinguished themselves as Athletes, Coaches, Officials or Administrators or individuals who have contributed to the development and advancement of the Canada Games property.

Jennifer Heil mentioned “My participation in the Canada Games in Newfoundland and Labrador at 15 years old was a highlight of my ski career. It was an opportunity to celebrate the power of sport, to be embraced by a community far from my own, and to challenge myself to perform on demand. I am incredibly honoured to be inducted into the Canada Games Hall of Honour.”

One other individual Cindy Klassen mentioned “The Canada Games provided me with invaluable learning opportunities that have helped me in both sport and life. I cherish my time at the Canada Games and this induction has given me the chance to reflect on those experiences. It is a proud moment to have my name placed among other Canadians who have contributed so much to our country.”

One individual is Bruny Surin and he told the media “I would like to thank the Canada Games organization for honoring my career. Thirty years ago while I was participating at the Games, I had big dreams to become an Olympian and the fastest man on earth. I could say that those Games were a stepping stone for my career. Amidst the pressures, the judgments and the sacrifices that I made in my life, on August 22, 1999, I ran faster than I ever imagined and became the second fastest human of all time.”

Jami Drake spoke on behalf of the late Clare Drake “Dad would be very proud to be included in the Canada Games Hall of Honour.

“He was passionate about sport and its impact on personal development and would be delighted to be recognized as a small part of the Canada Games legacy celebrating our finest amateur athletes.”

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon mentioned “I am honoured to be inducted into the Hall of Honour as competing in the Canada Games was a highlight of my swimming career. The opportunity to represent my home province of PEI, see our great country and compete with highly talented and motivated athletes, left an indelible mark on both my personal life and professional career.”

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon is the inaugural inductee in the Distinguished Alumni category, recognizing outstanding accomplishment in fields outside of sport.

The 2019 Canada Winter Games fun from February 15th – March 3rd that will feature special guests Cari and Ron MacLean and Catriona Le May Doan  as the 2019 Canada Winter Games Honorary Co-Chairs

If you’re interested in tickets for the Hall of Honor Dinner call (403) 309 8419

Thanks to the 2019 Canada Winter Games for the press release and for more info contact 2019 Canada Winter Games Host Society at (403) 309 8419