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The Readi software platform is device agnostic, interpreting sleep data from compatible sleep trackers, including the ReadiBand™ from Fatigue Science and a growing list of devices, including those from both Fitbit and Garmin. 

Readi utilizes SAFTE™, the world’s leading biomathematical fatigue model, to make sense of that sleep data. SAFTE was developed by the US Army Research Lab, with over 25 years and $37 million in research and is exclusively available with Readi from Fatigue Science. 

The SAFTE model has been extensively validated by the US Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and numerous other governmental and industry organizations. Leveraging SAFTE, 

Readi analyzes detailed sleep data in order to predictively quantify human effectiveness levels, hour-by-hour, for the day & days ahead.

Readi evolved from Fatigue Science’s widely adopted ReadiBand solution, which has been successfully utilized across industry, military and elite sports to improve human performance and safety.

“For the past several years, our early adopter clients have woken up every day and seen the predicted impact that their sleep will have on their performance for the day ahead. 

Now, with Readi, our users can see these performance predictions in a clearer, more actionable context — one that relates their data directly to the  events in their day ahead,” stated Robert Higdon, Vice President of Product.

Further commenting, “Based on hundreds of hours of customer discussions, feedback from industry experts, sleep scientists and deep market research, Readi delivers our customers a completely redesigned user experience, which makes our data materially more valuable for both organizations and individuals.”

Experts from Fatigue Science will be on hand at World Sleep Congress 2019 to demonstrate Readi and discuss its use at the individual and organizational level across a variety of applications.  

We will be broadcasting product demos live during the World Sleep Coingress.  

You can join us online by signing up HERE.

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