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Everyone involved in sports over the past couple of months has been questioning the return date for sport – not one, but all sports.

We get “tidbits” of info from various sources, but nothing seems to be concrete until now, from Viasport.

As one can imagine they continue to ask us to be patient, but mostly follow the guidelines for the return to play plan.

While the PANDEMIC is still on the minds of most, we continue to hear from various skeptics who seem to think that this is a hoax and quite possibly a Halloween prank put in place by the World Health Organization.

Nothing could be farther from the truth and we at Sportswave ask everyone to be extra vigilant with what we are told.

We received this from ViaSport, who requested that it be shared with the sporting community.

Enjoy the read and if you have any questions please contact ViaSport at  Suite 1351 – 409 Granville Street, Vancouver or Email: info[at]

This has been a big week for return to sport with the release of the Phase 3 addition to our Guidelines. 

We are pleased to see organizations beginning to plan for the safe and slow transition into this phase. 

Over the past week we have updated our Return to Sport page to supplement the Phase 3 Guidelines with additional information and resources. 

In our effort to continuously communicate and provide relevant updates to the sport community, here is what is new this week:

  • Check out the Phase 3 addition to our Guidelines to stay informed and begin planning for your sports safe transition.
  • If you missed our webinar around Phase 3 or just need another look, view the recording on our YouTube channel.
  • If your organization is looking for resources to help communicate this new information to your members, here is our communications toolkit.
  • Our CEO, Charlene, has been busy educating British Columbians across the province about Phase 3. For summaries of the key points in the Guidelines, check out some of her interviews:
  • There’s still time to apply for the Northern BC Coaching and Officiating Development Fund. If you are a community group, provincial sport organization or individual from BC Games Zones 7 or 8, you may be eligible. Read more and apply before September 3. 

Sport is returning to British Columbia in accordance with the B.C. Restart Plan

At the request of the Province of B.C., viaSport has led the creation of a set of guidelines on how to resume sport while operating safely during this pandemic – the Return to Sport Guidelines

As outlined in B.C.’s Restart Plan, sport activities can resume in accordance with the viaSport Return to Sport Guidelines and public health protocols.  

Further information will be shared once it becomes available.

Sport organizations can/should:

  • Develop sport-specific return to sport guidelines
  • Local sport organizations (LSOs) can adapt and/or adopt approved sport-specific guidelines, and it is recommended to have these approved by their own boards before resuming activities
  • Work with your insurance provider and/or legal council on risk mitigation
  • Maintain communications with your stakeholders around the status of return to sport plans
  • Consult your local health authority on their plans or guidelines for sport
  • Connect with your facility operators and municipalities to understand the protocols they have in place, as outlined at the bottom of this page
  • Prepare materials that remind your members of public health guidelines, like posters on social distancing and hygiene
  • Encourage your members to remain active while enjoying the outdoors and facilities that have opened in a safe manner

Liability protection announcement: 

The Province has now acted to extend COVID-19 liability coverage to for-profit organizations through the COVID-19 Related Measures Act (CRMA). 

The regulation protects people (paid or volunteer) from proceedings for civil liability for damages resulting from transmission or exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. 

The regulation is retroactive to January 1, 2020 and will remain in force unless and until the CRMA is repealed. This addresses the liability concerns of private LSOs. Read the regulation here.

Recreation, leisure and individual training activities and facilities considerations

For sport organizations, it is important to ensure facility plans can support aspects of your sport-specific plans. 

Visit Recreation Facilities Association of BC for additional resources and contact if you wish to have feedback on your sport-specific plan.

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