Reflecting On Others

A while we reached out to various organizations that work with the underprivileged individuals that are affected by COVID-19 Pandemic that has virtually everything at a standstill.

While many are struggling with line-ups at various stores, others are not as fortunate and rely on other means of help and support, one being an organization known as Tenth Church in Vancouver.

Life as we knew it has changed and one can only question if we will ever return to what we knew as a normal way of life, given how this has affected everyone and it’s our hope that we can remember those who are less fortunate than others.

We are strongly against the ones who frequent various stores purchasing various supplies, only to turn around and offer it up on social media at a much higher price, while others are forced to go without

In speaking to various individuals they only offer up  negative thoughts and strong words, which I won’t print calling these individuals out as disgraceful individuals among other things.

We were fortunate to receive and appreciate the reply we received from Senior Pastor Ken Shigematsu and we wanted to share his story which shares a different light from what many of us look at.

Thanks to Pastor Ken for sharing and we offer our prayers for everyone he deals with!


A couple in our Tenth community who live in the suburbs recently heard about another church family in the city of Vancouver who were out of toilet paper and unable to get more. 

The couple in the suburbs took some of their own supply (plus some snacks and a chocolate Easter bunny) and drove to Vancouver and gave these items to this family.

 Someone else at Tenth shared with me that during COVID-19, people in our church are making greater efforts to connect with others, deliver groceries, and that our church now seems to be resembling more of the loving character of the early church we see in the book of Acts (4:32).

 In this season, we have found new ways to serve:

  • Our Good Friday and Easter services had more than 10,000 views—including a significant number of people who don’t identify as Christian
  • Some of our online worship services have had more than 4,000 viewers from across Metro Vancouver, different parts of Canada and the world
  • Family Ministries have produced new weekly online Tenth Kids lessons and resources for parents
  • Our Creo Youth and Young Adults have new weekly rhythms of worshipping and meeting online
  • We’ve launched more than 14 new online groups to share life, discuss Scripture, and pray
  • 42 people are participating in our new online Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course
  • Oasis Café continues to serve meals on a takeout-basis to about 80 people a week
  • Two families at Tenth recently welcomed two refugees from Afghanistan into their homes. (Both refugees just finished their quarantine and are proceeding with settlement.)

In this time when many people are feeling fearful and anxious, we want to continue to embody the light and love of God (Matthew 5:14).

We also want to point people to the Jesus who said, “In this world you will have tribulation. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). 

Thank you for your prayers, participation in worship, connecting with and serving others, and financial giving.

Your participation and support enable us to continue the ministries God has called us to offer in this unique moment.

With gratitude, Ken Shigematsu, Senior Pastor