Put Parents In Penalty Box


When will parents let kids be kids and play sport without getting involved and acting like “clown’s” in the stands, either before or after any sporting event.

Over the years, I have seen “so-called” parents act more like they belong in a circus act and in most cases the circus act is far more controlled.

Sports is competitive and far more costly than in past years and we are watching or hearing about more “so-called” parents putting far too much pressure on their kids so they can live their dream through their Son or Daughter.

Sport comes at a cost, but the cost shouldn’t be at the cost or risk of showing your kids how childish parents act at a sporting event – or should it?

With the cost escalating to the extent that some parents are taking a part-time job to keep their dreams alive, it goes without saying that the punishment if any should be to the parents and I use that term loosely.  

Coaches in most cases donate their time to help today’s youth to not only develop their skills, both on and off the rink, diamond and/or court in hopes of making today’s youth better citizens for future generations to come.

Now we are hearing or a group of “so called” parents getting involved in an argument following a kids hockey game in Simcoe Ontario that apparently soon escalated into a “brawl” involving about 30 parents.

What a site this must have been for the kids to leave the rink and watch these individuals acting like morons.

According to Norfolk Police Const. Ed Sanchuk police were called to the Talbot Gardens Arena before 5 pm and according to Sanchuk he mentions “It appears they became involved in a physical confrontation,.”

The peewee game players (11 and 12-year-old) play for the Simcoe Warriors and Paris Wolfpack teams and have apparently played each other in recent weeks.

As one might expect and depending on who you ask there are different versions circulating and according to Martin Jefferson, president of the Simcoe and District Minor Hockey Association “it’s his understanding the disagreement never came to blows.”

The two teams are set to meet again on Saturday, and we better believe no altercation will be tolerated as the president intends to be at the arena to make sure the situation doesn’t escalate.

This is ridiculous: it’s not the kids getting in trouble for stupid behaviour, but the parents!

“There were some parents reacting to some on-ice incidents between the players and obviously parents get heated in the moment of the game,” said Simcoe Minor Hockey Association president Marty Jefferson.

According to the Simco RIC Ben Jolley “There was definitely animosity between teams, between coaching staffs, between parents – as soon as you stepped on the ice you could feel a negative energy,”

The game was played between two peewee teams that are also playing against each other in an unrelated playoff series that is tied at two wins each.  

It’s reported that this game should have never taken place as it’s a regular season game and never should have been scheduled during an OMHA playoff series.

Parents Ruin Hockey!!

Game 5 of the series will take place this coming Saturday, so if you want to see how parents act – make plans to attend.

Anyone you ask will say that “it’s kids hockey” and it won’t happen,  but think again as this isn’t the first time nor will it be the last time we will hear of sport turning to a boxing match.

As one might expect the parents will act like angles due to the media hype given on a national level of the game.

The next game, barring a tie, would decide that series and if you want to go to playland make a trip to the PNE or the CNE – it’ll be worth the trip.

As one might expect the League or Association is putting all the pressure on the arena staff asking them to remove any unruly individual and when I asked some they mention to me can’t or won’t the Association deal with this rather than “pass the buck” to someone else?

Let me know your thoughts or how this situation or others like this can be stopped?

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Jefferson will also attend the game and has asked arena staff to be on alert. Staff is able to remove any parent or fan if necessary.