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I have been watching this grow over the last while and it’s not like we have never hear of COVID – 19 and how it is affecting not only the economy but also the lives of every.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has been preaching to us since it began about the effects this will have on society, families, businesses and how we can help curb this PANDEMIC – But we’re NOT LISTENING.

Is it because we think that it won’t happen to us and like some on social media are saying, it’s all a false claim, but what do they know as they have nothing better to do other than concoct fabricated false stories so as to get some extra free PR, but in actuality they are the one’s that are hurting society more than this PANDEMIC.

So we moved into an area where we were (finally) permitted to ‘SOCIAL DISTANCE’ in various locations such as restaurants, malls or possibly even at the beach, but YOU’RE NOT LISTENING!!!!!

Provincial Health Minister Photograph By BC GOVERNMENT

We read in today’s paper as well as read on social media that due to the increase in numbers we will now see Nightclubs, Banquet Halls having restrictions placed on them and it could get worse.

It’s reported that there are more than 400 new cases of COVID-19 or about 100 per day that have been confirmed since last Friday, the start of the long weekend.

Now we are told that it’s time for the general public so shrink their social bubble once again, mostly due to the fact that individuals in YOUR community are spreading their social gatherings, especially where alcohol is being served.

Effective midnight I am hearing that nightclubs and banquet halls are ordered to shut down as well there will be restrictions placed on the serving of alcohol in pubs and restaurants that remain open.

Alcohol MUST stop serving by by 10 PM and we all know that this is where the risk is happening forcing this closure.

It’s fair to say that when the  kids return to school or we go back to work as a society we have to look at cutting back our CIRCLE OF FRIENDS!!

Currently there are 11 long term care facilites with at least one case and it should be known that three are acute care facilities.

As of the time we are posting this up September 8th here are the new numbers since Friday.

  • New Cases 429 (121)
  • Total          6,591 (6,162)
  • Recovered 4,978 (4,706)
  • Active Cases 1,386 (1,233)
  • Deaths 213 (211)

So being directly blunt to everyone that isn’t listening, I’ll be blunt    GROW UP!!!!

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