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The Delta Chamber of Commerce hosted two All Candidates Meeting with the first at ND Secondary followed by the second in Ladner at the Genesis Theater.

Prior to the first meeting I spoke with each of the seven (7) Candidates that are running and offered to do an article on them so that the voters in Delta would know more about them.

The reason is simply to let the voters know more about who they are and get to know about their background, other than have them say “Vote For Me.”

Again all seven were offered this service free of charge and yes I know that they are busy, but to date I have had one candidate contact me regarding my offer.

The ONLY ONE that made contact was Angelina Ireland who is running as the Candidate for the PPC party in Delta.

First she mentions that the PPC is a collection of individuals from various walks of like in Canada, some of which might have been Liberal, Conserative, NDP as well as people who haven’t voted for twenty years, all of whom are looking for an honest politician as they simply “don’t trust them.”

They all came together under Maxime Bernier who had a policy that attracted individuals who are concerned about Canada’s future and now feature 315 candidates in less than a year across Canada; so much is so little time.

Angelina was born in Winnipeg and as she mentions “You can take the kid out of the Prairie, but you can’t take the Prairie out of the Kid”, a very down to earth individual.

She grew up in St. Vital and went to Dakota Collegiate, then on to University of Winnipeg then went on to Carleton University where she took a Masters Degree in Science which got her interested in politics.

She is an only child and was involved in the drama club and also enjoyed debating and public speaking and also enjoyed International Relations, Canadian Politics and History.

She was raised in social housing by a single Mother, who she has a world of respect for and had a paper route at grade five, did babysitting and also worked at the Theater.

She took out a student loan, but paid it off the day she graduated which was instilled by her Mother who was raised during the depression.

Environmental issues to her meant “reuse, recycle and renew as that was her lifestyle as you never bought anything new, because you simply couldn’t afford it and you always repaired thinks.”

If she has one regret she mentions “after I graduated from Carelton, I should have gone into law school, but she never as she started working again.”

She became an accountant for the past 20 years and for 15 of that she was an entrepreneur working with small business which is her second love, but helping small business individuals make a living.

Her travels took her from Winnipeg to Ottawa then to London, England where she lived for a couple of years eventually making her way to Morocco studying the culture, eventually returning to Toronto working as a credit collections manager for five years, which can’t be the easiest of jobs.

As many will tell you if you leave Winnipeg and move to Vancouver, you’ve made it given the Ocean, the Mountains and the scenic beauty.

She has been married for 20 years and has one Daughter who is 15 and gives her life lessons of raising her Daughter to her Mother.

Should she be successful her goal is to help reduce the tax burden on the public as she (and others) feel that we are overtaxed, with not much to show for it.

She worries about what life today’s young people will have when they are 40 of 50 and also that it’s important to instill life lessons about having a Family.

We chatted about various other topics, none of which were related to election issues and it was only due to her time restraint and other obligations that we had to cut the interview short.

She has a strong background in both business and academic and feels she can handle anything that may come up in the City of Delta and that it’s important that whomever you vote for can sit across the table from other countries and have Canada’s best interests at heart!!! 

I feel a sense of warmth, honesty and dedication from her and we offer her all the best moving forward.

Sportswave is still waiting and open to hearing from the remaining six (6) candidates to help the Delta voters get to know their candidate.

You can visit the party site at

There is more to Elections than “VOTE FOR ME” –  BUT PLEASE VOTE!!!!

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