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Is It Safety Or A Noise?

Photo James Hamilton

While the world is watching the situation unfold in Thailand and hearing that eight boy’s have been rescued, with four and the Coach waiting to be rescued by the searchers, it’s sad to hear of a community that are so shallow.

I am hearing that the community of Chemainus on Vancouver Island are frustrated by some young people in their community.

So some of the kids in various areas of the country are taking to the streets simply to play street hockey and have some fun and for all intensive purposes creating less problems for society, which in the long run saves money for the various areas.

But is this enough, but for a community on Vancouver Island, namely Chemainus BC some in the area are turning into the Christmas Grinch.

Others are baking cookies and enjoying watching the kids have fun, but this is creating mixed feelings in the area.  

Grandmother Vandy Noble Grandmother, a mother says her treats “are for the neighbourhood kids living in Artisan Gardens in Chemainus mentioned “I enjoy watching the kids play and I love having them over for cookies and I do feel sorry for the kids.”

Most know and understand that some areas in Canada are for retired individuals and/or couples who want a “quite” way of life so as to have seclusion to retired life, but one at what cost to everyone else?

It appears that the sleepy “no fun” community of Artisan Gardens runs that operates a strata organized and voted June 26th by a margin of 15-4 in favour of adopting a bylaw that states the following.

“Any use of a roadway for any purpose other than access to and from strata lots and, where permitted, for parking is prohibited. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, a roadway may not be used for play, including hockey, baseball, basketball, skateboarding, chalk artistry, bicycling or other sports and recreational activities.”

So kids living in the area of Artisan Gardens been banned or put to the curb from having any outdoor fun, at least on the community roadway.

It’s reported that some including Christa Howard who is the VP of the Strata Council who voted against the by-law “Didn’t expect the bylaw to pass as she has never had any issues with the neighbours.”

It’s reported  that she did not want to speak open on this as she possibly felt possible retribution from someone mentioning this sprang from a genuine concern for the kids’ safety, but went haywire in its scope and execution.

It’s mentioning no different from other complexes that there is a blind corner in the complex and there were some near misses with cars, mostly due to the kids riding their bikes and this was the biggest concern.

Grandma ever has made any issues and mentioned that she has never protested anything in her life, but this is maybe going too far.

Lately she has been vocal so as to get the word out and anyone I have spoken to are shocked for a community to do this.

She mentioned to the media “this is a throwback to all the other nonsense bylaws (remember Toronto’s ball hockey ban?) mentioning “I won’t back down.”

I mentioned this to some and they simply can’t believe that a community can do this, but in this age it seems that not everyone can get along.

Let’s hope they reach a solution and let the “KIDS BE KIDS”