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A sport is one of the common activities college students participate in and where there is a sport there must be betting.Gambling in college is, therefore, rampant among students, tutors, and even non-teaching staff. But in some cases, people tend to visit daisy slots because simply its irresistible!

While the college fraternities expected that Heather Lyke would join them in the sports betting, they got shocked of their life when Lyke decided to come up with the proposal to ban all the college sports betting

Lyke, who is athletic director at the University of Pittsburgh, made a proposal in the Senate judiciary committee to declare gambling in college sports illegal.

While this is not news that college students and sportsbooks are going to welcome with open arms, if Lyke comes up with good reasons as to why it should be declared illegal it might come to pass.

All she has to do is prove before the lawmakers why this should make it in the law. 

Here are some of the reasons why the director of athletes thinks that betting on college sports is not right and if her claims are warranted.

Gambling has a corrosive impact on college students. 

College sports betting is said to have a corrosive effect to the students’ body, according to Lyke. 

On the day when Heather Lyke appeared before the Judiciary Senate, she gave out this as one of his key reasons why she broke the silence over banning out any college sports betting.

Well, this call for college sports betting ban tends to be genuine enough according to her as betting students have really shown some not so good habits which could have resulted from betting.

Gambling exposes students to corruption.

Are you aware that college sports betting have made students engage in immoral deeds such as corruption? 

Well, according to the latest news from the betting desk, many unethical cases have been reported regarding the irresponsible student gambling trends.

Lyke was seen very disappointed by college sports betting as students leave their study to engage in immoral needs such as corruption while carrying out their gambling activities. 

It seems like there are some forms of unfairness in these forms of betting and this is a behavior that may end up bring some unbearable changes to the society.   

Gambling leads to Addiction.

This is one of the reasons that Lyke pointed out in her call to ban sports betting on college sports. 

Since Heather is a highly respected athletic director of Pittsburgh University, she is playing a vital role in ensuring all college students complete their study without any disturbances caused by activities such as betting.

Betting has messed the life of many people as they end up in debts and this is something that Heather will not like to see her students undergo.

So, for the sake of the students’ welfare, Heather decided to call for the ban of all gambling activities among the college students. 

Therefore, because of her idea, students are likely to get the best time to complete their study without any disturbances. 

Well, we all have our fingers crossed waiting to see how far this will go.

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