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My first ever introduction to Fatigue Science was through former Vancouver Giants Head Coach Don Hay so as to measure sleeping habits for the players which could help with their overall performance.

This is the most recent nite from Fatigue Science as they announce the launch of Readi™, a scientifically validated solution that enables organizations, teams and individuals to manage and reduce fatigue and improve performance & safety every day. 

Readi predicts the cumulative impact of sleep on cognitive effectiveness and reaction time throughout the current day and will soon deliver these insights up to 7 days into the future. 

These predictions are quantified as the ReadiScore™ and insight into ReadiScore performance is provided at the organization, team and individual levels.

The Readi sleep planning tools enable organizations, teams and end users to be at their best when it matters most.

Fatigue Science is unveiling Readi at the World Sleep Congress in its hometown of Vancouver, Canada on September 23rd. 

World Sleep 2019 provides a worldwide forum for sleep professionals to advance current medical and scientific thinking, discover ways to improve sleep health and encourage the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders.

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“Most sleep trackers and apps today provide users with a simple snapshot of how they slept, as if looking through a rear-view mirror, leaving both group and end users to figure out how sleep and fatigue will affect the day ahead. 

Andrew Morden CEO of Fatigue Science mentions “With Readi, we are providing information about future performance and safety to both the enterprise and the individual that can be used to drive real improvements in performance and safety.”

He continues “Readi users at the organizational, group and individual level are now able to measure and quantify the impact of sleep on cognitive and physiological performance. This performance affects things like reaction time, logical reasoning and recovery time. Simply put, Readi unlocks the untapped potential of higher human performance at the individual and enterprise level.”

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